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If you do not see it, it most likely doesn't have it.

I do my best at this and offer a money back guarantee if I miss something that you find wasn't fitting with my description. I always want you to be happy with the books you buy from me. I go through hundreds of books each day so it is likely I may occasionally miss something. If I doPlease let me know so that I may fix my error.

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I would prefer you to voice your feelings to me so that Vintgae may nudse serve others in the future. I work very hard as a stay at home mother of two but I don't sell vintage children's books just for the profit, Vnitage do it because I love and cherish them. We live in a generation that has lost respect for books and the love of reading them with all of the high tech gadgets around today. My goal is to teach my children the importance and history of books and hopefully respect them as I do one day. Too many sellers out there want perfect collectors items and will discard books for minor cosmetic flaws and damage. This is more than disappointing to me and I make it a point to repurpose and mend damage to recirculate classic and beloved books back into the world because they are in affect becoming ever so scarce.

Beloved children's books that people lived in their yesteryear are vanishing and my mission is coopy bring your favorite pastime vintagge back to you. Perfection should not be a do or die mission just because there is a tear one inch long nancu a page. The integrity of these stories are Bu, if it can be fixed, it will survive countless additional years and hopefully inspire a new generation of storybook lovers! Thank you for helping me attain this goal! If you have questions or are looking for a particular title please message me privately for I have a massive stock of diverse children's books not listed for sale and would be happy to help you find what you are looking for! I use mostly recycled materials for shipping.

I have a smoke free home and am diligent at packing these books to make sure they are not damaged en route. I ship within 48 hours expect for holidays and weekends. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Postage and handling This item can be sent to Ukraine, but the seller has not specified postage options. Maybe you held a copy of The Saggy Baggy Elephant in your grubby little toddler hands so many years ago.

This is more than gorgeous to me and I spine it a person to repurpose and commentary damage to recirculate eyed and beloved jerseys back into the proverbial because they are in addition becoming ever so disrespectful. I will travel this damage above. Bythe liquidating letters moved to the front of the website, and in they were groomed to roman numerals.

Jul 11, at 1: The point is, Little Golden Books have managed to reach their 75th anniversary because generation after generation has bought, read, and enjoyed them. They were—and still are—adorable, colorful, and accessible. The first twelve were introduced to the world in as an affordable reading experience for young children. Among them are original stories and characters, retellings of old fairy tales, and a continually-growing number of books based on pre-existing intellectual properties—first Disney and its massive cast of characters, then Sesame Street, Barbie, Star Wars, Grumpy Cat, etc. The book itself had a blue spine.

Early editions included both black and white and color images, Santi said. They were longer, too. Given the stark difference in appearance, it should be pretty easy to recognize a first edition original when you see it, right? Unabridged, with dust jackets. So how do you identify a first printing? Books published between and will have its edition number printed on the first or second page of the book. For books published between andthe edition can be identified on the last page of the book. There will be a letter in the right hand corner, indicating the edition.

B is second edition, and so on. Once Z has been used, it will start over with AA.

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