Thumb injury compensation

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Thumb Injury Cases in Workers’ Compensation

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Injjry fractures are often caused compeensation a crush injury, such as when a hammer strikes the ringer. Depending on the size of the finger fracture, surgery may be necessary. Ruptured ligaments Hand injuries can cause swelling, pain, stiffness, and limited movement. By delaying treatment, you increase the risk that you will lose hand function permanently. Was hand surgery necessary to treat the hand injury? Did the injured employee require hand therapy for the hand injury? Is there permanent damage or impairment to the injured hand? Are there permanent restrictions regarding the injured hand? Is pain management necessary to treat residual symptoms? How much did the injured employee have to use his or her hands in their pre-injury job?

What finger was injured? Was finger amputation necessary? Many employees suffer hand injuries in conjunction with injuries to other parts of their body. For example, many of our hand injury clients also hurt their fingers, wrists, elbows, arms, and even shoulders in the workplace accident.

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If your ckmpensation determines that you will have permanent damage to the hand because of your workplace injury, hTumb a workers compensation attorney immediately. You may be entitled to comensation payment of permanent partial disability benefits for your hand injury in one lump sum. They take in injuries such as: Indeed we have heard instances where employees who have suffered serious finger injuries are still in significant pain even after a decade. Common Reasons For Claiming Finger Injury Compensation Over the years we have seen various patterns in thumb and finger injuries many of which continue to this day. Some of the more common reasons people claim finger injury compensation include: Tendon, ligament and muscle damage as a consequence of dangerous machinery in the workplace.

Repetitive strain injury caused by repetitive actions such as use of a keyboard without relevant wrist supports and break time.

Injury compensation Thumb

There are still a number of claims going through the system from years gone by and while steps have been taken to Thumb injury compensation new instances of vibration white finger they do still occur from time to time. Injuries received as a consequence of a slip, trip or fall. Very often your first reaction when involved in a road traffic accident is to put your hands up to protect yourself which can lead to finger and hand injuries. Injuries in schools and nurseries are more commonplace than you might think as it is extremely difficult to keep an eye on individual children all of the time. Finger and hand injuries as a consequence of sporting activities such as football, rugby and cricket are extremely commonplace While many people assume that the type of finger injury will primarily dictate the level of compensation awarded, this is not necessarily the case.

The first action when looking to pursue a finger injury compensation claim is to prove negligence on behalf of one or more third parties and then negotiate liability and compensation. In cases where there are severe lacerations or broken bones this can actually save the finger and due to advances in medical science even amputated fingers can sometimes be reconnected. The fact that any medical examination and treatment received will be noted on your medical file should not be forgotten as it can be used as evidence when pursuing a finger injury compensation claim.

Traditionally there is a three-year window of opportunity in which to lodge a claim for compensation although this can be extended where the injury is only diagnosed until years down the line but it is sensible to pursue a finger injury claim sooner rather than later.

Even over comppensation few months the exact details of injhry incident and the day it occurred can become blurred which can in some circumstances weaken a previously strong case. It is also advised Thimb you put together a timeline of events before and after the accident so that you are able to give an expanded explanation to the defendant and the courts where applicable. Time Limit For Claiming Compensation The window of opportunity in which to claim for finger injury compensation is traditionally three years. However, over the years we have seen instances of for example vibration white finger not diagnosed until many years later. Claims must also be made within three years of the injury being sustained.

If you believe you are eligible to make a finger injury claim, get in touch on How much could you claim for finger injury compensation?

jnjury The compensation you may receive ocmpensation a finger injury claim depends on various factors. Which finger is injured impacts the amount of compensation received. The thumb, middle and index fingers are considered to be more crucial to carrying out everyday tasks and so damage to either of these fingers generally results in a greater payout. Our injury claims calculator estimates how much compensation could be awarded for various finger injuries: Total loss of or loss of use of three or more fingers: What types of compensation are you entitled to if you injure your finger?

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