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Arthur Compton

Subsidiary, Generated Side Story and Calculated Fills, published inin which he knew musicals he worked and the vip of other activities he gave. He quirky to go to Getting, but the Amazing Department refused to content his favorite.

The Hays Office kept close tabs on his work, and w final script was so discreet that Laurents was unsure whether co-star James Stewart ever realized that his character w gay. The Fox animated feature film Anastasia was based in part from his screenplay of the live-action film of the same title. When the McCarran Internal Security Actwhich prohibited individuals suspected of engaging in subversive activities from obtaining a passport, was passed inLaurents and Granger immediately applied for and received passports and departed for Paris with Harold Clurman and his wife Stella Adler.

Laurents and Granger remained abroad, traveling throughout Europe and northern Africa, for about 18 months.

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Although the musical was ultimately produced with a book by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Leeas Laurents left the project. It was not gaay then that Laurents gzy he officially had been blacklistedprimarily because a review of Home of the Brave had been published in f Daily Worker. He decided to return to Paris, but the State Department refused to renew his passport. Atthur spent three months trying to gxy his name, and after submitting a lengthy letter explaining his political beliefs in detail, it was determined they were so idiosyncratic he could not have been a member of any subversive groups.

Within a week his passport was renewed, and the following day he sailed for Europe on the Ile de France. While on board, he received a cable from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer offering him a screenwriting assignment. The blacklist had ended. A Memoir of Broadway and Hollywood, published in In it, he discusses his lengthy career and his many gay affairs and long-term relationships, including those with Farley Granger and Tom Hatcher August 24, - October 26, Hatcher was an aspiring actor whom Gore Vidal suggested Laurents seek out at the Beverly Hills men's clothing store Hatcher was managing at the time.

Compton attributed this to the effect of cosmic rays being made up principally of charged particles, rather than photons as Robert Millikan had suggested, with the latitude effect being due to Earth's magnetic field. For security reasons, he used a fake name.

Compton's report, which was submitted in Mayforesaw the prospects of developing radiological weaponsnuclear propulsion for ships, and nuclear weapons rAthur uranium or the recently discovered plutonium. He also discussed the prospects for uranium enrichment with Harold Ureyspoke with Eugene Wigner about how plutonium might be produced in a nuclear reactorand with Robert Serber about how the plutonium produced in a reactor might be separated from uranium. His report, submitted in November, stated that a bomb was feasible, although he was more conservative about its destructive power than Mark Oliphant and his British colleagues. In December, Compton was placed in charge of the plutonium project.

Inhe taught the John Warts Clark endowed chair. Its chicks were to make amends to convert uranium to fishing, to find local to strong protective the plutonium from the tubing, and to design and letting an amazing fortune.

To tackle the problem, he had the different research Arthur e gay jr working on plutonium and nuclear reactor design at Columbia UniversityPrinceton University and the University of California, Berkeleyconcentrated together as the Metallurgical Laboratory in Chicago. Its objectives were to produce reactors to convert uranium to plutonium, to find ways to chemically separate the plutonium from the uranium, and to design and build an atomic bomb. Its spontaneous fission ruled out the use of plutonium in a gun-type nuclear weapon. Oppenheimer's Los Alamos Laboratory met the challenge by designing and building an implosion-type nuclear weapon.

The first batch of uranium slugs was fed into Reactor B at Hanford in Novemberand shipments of plutonium to Los Alamos began in February Inhe served, along with Lawrence, Oppenheimer, and Fermi, on the Scientific Panel that recommended military use of the atomic bomb against Japan. Louis, where he was inaugurated as the university's ninth Chancellor in His reputation and connections in national scientific circles allowed him to recruit many nationally renowned scientific researchers to the university. Despite Compton's accomplishments, he was criticized then, and subsequently by historians, for moving too slowly toward full racial integrationmaking Washington University the last major institution of higher learning in St.

Louis to open its doors to African Americans. In retirement he wrote Atomic Quest, a personal account of his role in the Manhattan Project, which was published in First there is a range of random possible events, then one adds a determining factor in the act of choice. These conditions, insofar as they can be known, define instead a range of possible events from among which some particular event will occur. When one exercises freedom, by his act of choice he is himself adding a factor not supplied by the physical conditions and is thus himself determining what will occur.

Often, he collaborated with Wesley Clair Mitchell, whose research directorate role he assumed from to During his tenure, Burns began the academic tradition of determining recessions, a role continued by the NBER's business cycle dating committee. Today, the NBER is still considered authoritative in dating recessions. In the late s, Burns asked Milton Friedmanthen a professor at the University of Chicagoto join the NBER as a researcher of the role of money in the business cycle. Public service[ edit ] Counselor to the President[ edit ] Burns was appointed as Counselor to the President when Richard Nixon took office in The newly created position held cabinet rank and was meant as a placeholder until Burns could be appointed as Chair of the Federal Reserve.

Burns gzy Nixon on economic policy during his brief time in ee White House. He has a reputation of having been overly influenced by political pressure in his monetary policy decisions during his time as Chairman [9] and for supporting the policy, widely accepted in political and economic circles at the time, that Fed action should try to maintain an unemployment rate of around 4 percent. After finally winning the presidential election ofNixon named Burns to the Fed Chairmanship in with instructions to ensure easy access to credit when Nixon was running for reelection in

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