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Inducing ovulation Mammals can be divided into two groups, Adams said: Researchers long assumed that it was the sex itself that induced this ovulation, Adams said. Yvonne Leduc, U of S A recently discovered protein in semen can cause female mammals to ovulate, new research finds.

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The same might be true for humans. Most importantly, Adams said, the protein seems to affect the growth of the corpus luteum. In other words, the findings suggest that the composition of a male's semen may influence whether the female's pregnancy is successful. The corpus luteum is a structure that ranges from about an inch to 2 inches in size 2 to 5 centimeters. Adams and his colleagues are now conducting animal studies to investigate whether the quantity of ovulation-inducing factor in a male's semen affects his fertility.

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The protein has been found in multiple mammal species, including humans, though researchers aren't yet sure what effect it might have on human fertility. It forms from the collapsed follicle after an egg is released and produces the hormone progesterone, which is crucial for maintaining pregnancy. In cows, they have found, the substance may contribute to the process that keeps pregnancies viable. Identifying the culprit A series of biochemical analyses revealed that the ovulation-inducing factor is actually a familiar substance in the body: These mammals release egg cells on a regular schedule, whether they've copulated recently or not.

The stimulation of the vagina or some mix of pheromones was assumed to be the culprit. It's identical to a chemical called nerve growth factor.

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