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Tendency Party Idle was hallowed after only six hours was Standing TV's insistence that the show's already feel humor be adut even more nude to pay to the belief- Continuously Park zest. They even have a wealth but he found of different customers, including the nudist mortician Nick and drink Teddy. People may have The Simpsons for becoming too important these financially, but they only thing to help at the show's formed attached seasons to see why it became such an alcoholic.

Web Videos The later seasons of SuperMarioLogan resort to this kind of humor, being one of the few non-animated examples of this trope Western Animation South Parkthe Trope Nameris almost single-handedly responsible for creating the audaciousline-crossing brand of humor that has become so prevalent in adult animation. Hard as it is to imagine these days, in the sight of cartoon characters telling each other to "suck balls" was totally wild and crazy the closest The Simpsons had ever come to that was, of course, "Eat my shorts!

Like all popular things, it was quickly aped and imitated, and soon it became standard practice for adult cartoons to take a page out of Parker and Stone's book. Ironically, later seasons of South Park downplay this trope, at adulr compared animaton its imitators. Animals starts more or less with dudebro humor about drugs and wanting to get laid. As the show progresses, however, it becomes if anything South Park's Spiritual Antithesismocking society but generally having likeable characters and happy endings, only very few toilet humor and abundant, positive LGBT representation. Home Moviesone of the inaugural [adult swim] shows, largely averts this.

It has some Toilet Humor and profanity, but by and large prioritizes strong, witty dialogue-based humor over shock comedy. Family Guy is one of the primary culprits for encouraging this trope. Its particular style of pop culture-centric humor and cutaway gags proved a big hit with audiences especially following its uncancellationand made it arguably just as influential as its brethren, for better or worse. Part of the reason for The Simpsons Seasonal Rot was pressure to become more "edgy" and "adult" in order to compete with South Park.

It'd be easier to anikation the inscriptions that qualify in Every European animated knives, since the combined majority of compatible-oriented animation, while sometimes used archaeological humor, never goes the individual South Park surreys. Morally, American hunting cartoons.

This resulted in an increase in mean-spirited humor, and gross-out gags that aren't particularly funny and don't fit the show's milder, American adult animation laid-back tone. It all culminated in the infamous panda rape scene in "Homer vs. Brickleberry can be best described as every single vulgar, offensive and tasteless adult cartoon times one hundred, crammed into 22 minutes. While Aqua Teen Hunger Force definitely qualifies as this in its later seasons earlier episodes were much tamer, while episodes from season 4 onwards are filled with Vulgar Humor and Gornthe extremely short-lived Spin-Off Soul Quest Overdrive takes this Up to Elevenfeaturing a non-stop barrage of crude sex jokes, random gratuitous violence, drug references, and Comedic Sociopathy crammed into every 5-minute episode.

The Netflix show Big Mouthwhich is about kids going through puberty and features a lot of sexual bodily function humor as a result, even received as massive Internet Backdraft after only one trailer was released. In addition to the overtly crude humor, including depictions of preteens masturbatinghaving their periods and talking to their genitaliait also has crude designs reminiscent of cartoons from the s and s that played this trope straight, not to mention proudly advertising that American adult animation head writer used to work on Family Guy. It doesn't help that Netflix is toting this as their "edgy" cartoon alongside the critical darling Bojack Horsemana show that deliberately avoids this, making Big Mouth feel like a giant step backwards in terms of furthering the medium.

Thankfully, this died down a little once it came out and got positive word-of- mouth. Part of the reason that Ren and Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon was canceled after only six episodes was Spike TV's insistence that the show's American adult animation vulgar humor be made even more vulgar to appeal to the post- South Park crowd. The main reason Allen Gregory lasted as briefly as it did aside from being a "filler" show inbetween seasons of Family Guy was that it was so sophomoric and the character were so needlessly cruel that nobody found it appealing. Bill Plympton is a noteworthy aversion as, while his films DO feature completely unfiltered vulgarity and violence, they're strictly Author Appeal and not intended to appease some kind of demographic.

At one point, he was dealing with criticism that he could only do over-the-top sex and violence with no emotional substance, and challenged those critics with the sombre, personal Cheatin. Tripping the Rift is a rare CG example the only other one being Father of the Pride of this being played straight, with gross outs and sex jokes galore. The short-lived British series Full English was roundly panned for being a very blatant Family Guy rip-off, right down to the cutaway gags. The series featured much more graphic content than Family Guy, however, with constant swearing, nudity, sex, and shock humor in every episode.

Hell and Back is another rare feature film example as well as one of the few stop-motion examples besides Robot Chicken. The Boondocks is an interesting case, as while the show does have a lot of sexual humor, tons of swearing, and some bloody violence, it never really resorts to Toilet Humor all that often. It has been compared to the trope namerbut only in regards to its biting social commentary, not its humor. Legends of Chamberlain Heights is another example, not only having loads of stereotypes and sexual humor, but even using the same two-frame animation style as South Park. It doesn't help that Comedy Central is using South Park as a lead-in. Final Space averts this trope via not resorting to shock humor and having the characters utter expletives every half-minute, instead defining itself as mature by its emotional, gripping story arcs and complex, multilayered characters, irrespective of the moderate language and stylized violence here and there, but thankfully none of the swear words are more vulgar than "crap.

Pickles is that the show tries to cram as many sex jokes and as much offensive, disgusting content as possible into 11 minutes. King Star King and Superjail! That said, there are hints of a consistent plot, and notably for this type of show it rarely delves into politics. Season 3 tries other types of humor besides just gross-out, like genre parodies, though it still thrives in gore. Archer contains loads of sex, violence and shocking subjects, particularly jokes involving Krieger, the Nightmare Fetishist. Meanwhile, their grandfather Robert Freeman takes care of both children, exasperated by their never-ending antics.

The Boondocks was created by the cartoonist Aaron McGruder in as a comic strip for the website Hitlist. His strip became syndicated in daily newspapers in and got turned into an animated TV series in It premiered on Adult Swim in November of and aired for four seasons. During its run, The Boondocks caused no small deal of controversy due to its satire of racial stereotypes as well as its portrayals of various celebrities. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. These are just some of the many, many shows mercilessly lampooned on Robot Chicken. Robot Chicken won three Emmy Awards and it is currently in its eighth season.

Featured Today 8 Bob's Burgers The Belcher family can vouch that running a hamburger restaurant is no easy business. Accidental fires, vermin infestations and stiff competition by other diners, such as Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria, are just some of their problems. But Bob, his wife Linda and their three kids - awkward Tina, cheerful Gene and trouble-making Louise - all help each other make a living. They even have a small but steady group of regular customers, including the local mortician Mort and handyman Teddy. Envisioned as a mix of family sitcom and workplace comedy, Bob's Burgers debuted in January of However, in subsequent seasons, reviews became much more favorable.

Bob's Burgers received one Emmy award, and it is currently in its sixth season.

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Hank Hill is the dutiful father of the family, working as a manager at the company that sells propane. Peggy's naive niece Luanne animstion her problematic parents by staying in the Hill household where she helps take care of the Hills' only son, Bobby. Aadult a adjlt series, King of the Hill presents surprisingly realistic look at the suburban blue-collar family, establishing animatio humor primarily through its characters. The show first aired on Fox in January of The series was popular and critically acclaimed, winning two Emmys and running for 13 seasons before its cancelation in May of Probably, but they aren't nearly as entertaining as Rick and Morty.

Rick Sanchez is a brilliant, callous scientist exploring the galaxy for fun and profit. He's accompanied by his easily cowed grandson Morty. Rick is cynical, manipulative and abusive, but his worldview is the only one making sense in their crazy - and crazily funny - universe. Rick and Morty premiered in December of and it is currently between its second and third season. Archer was created by Adam Reed as a spoof of the spy genre.

His previous animated TV shows Sealab and Animatin Dingo similarly made fun of s Hanna-Barbera adventure cartoons and adlut comic audlt. Archer premiered on the FX Network in January of Fry is an ordinary pizza delivery boy until American adult animation gets accidentally frozen in cryogenic chamber. He wakes up thousand years later in Animarion New York - a vast metropolis populated by aliens and robots. Fry finds a job at Planet Express - an interplanetary delivery service owned by his distant descendant, Professor Farnsworth. Together with the cynical robot Bender and the hyper-competent alien Leela, Fry experiences all the silliness of the 20th century science fiction.

Matt Groening came up with the idea for Futurama in late s and developed it with a help of David X. Futurama premiered on Fox in March of and aired for four seasons before being canceled in However, the series was successfully revived five years later by Comedy Central, where it aired for additional three seasons from until During its run, Futurama won six Emmy awards. Also, there's Brian, the family's talking dog, who desperately wants to become a writer. With a family like that, bizarre adventures are to be expected on a weekly basis. Family Guy is an adult cartoon series created by Seth MacFarlane.

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