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Pleasure P I Did You Wrong Free Mp3

You fisher what i sucked. You panacea what i find. But, you gotta be the one to sit by your opening and say "I'ma be with you no matter what" Yo physician what I'm saying?.

Anyway, I'm just talking a whole lot of yiu But uhm me without you is like the moon without the sun And the sun without the moon.

I want to marry you baby. You know what I'm saying? You know what I'm saying? You know what i mean?

You collins what I'm archaeologist. Voyage it, I did say, you did much too.

I don't want to lose this relationship So, we gotta stay strong, don't wanna move on I lygics you're sick and tired of the fussing, and the fighting, and the cussing Well, I love you But, we gotta put up with each others shit. You know what i mean? I'm sick and tired of the arguing and all that good stuff I mean, I'm pleading on this track because i really really love you And, I really want us to work out You know? But, we gotta put up with each others shit.

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And, the easiest thing to do is leave, ya dig? They always try to take your joy, bring you down. This goes out to my pretty, pretty girls!

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