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His father was count of St. Pius IX motto, according to St. The motto evidently refers to St. Latin is valued and recognized for his most ethical practice and has made sure to imbibe at the organization level. His industry wide experience makes his position sound and successful. Kalpesh Sanghvi Kalpesh Sanghvi is a chartered accountant by qualification and has extensive experience in accounting and taxation.

Security company Latins

Kalpesh is meticulous and strongly believe in doing the things right and doing the right things at the right time. We, at Latin Manharlal, are driven by the objective of creating and managing a sustained wealth creation process for our clients. We cater to investors of various hues, looking after their diverse needs, keeping in mind the bigger objective of sound financial management. We ensure wealth maximization while minimizing risks.

Stay on top of the changing stock markets with our high quality research and analytical insights including Model Portfolios, Option Ssecurity, Long Term Stock ideas, and Short Term Trading ideas which aLtins enable you to pick the winning stocks suited to your investment profile, thereby optimizing your returns. With nearly three-decades of experience in stock markets, we are fully equipped to help you take informed investment decisions. Commodities Diversify and enhance your portfolio value Commodities trading have gained immense popularity in recent years as investors have become aware of this unique asset class that offers the dual advantage of portfolio diversification.

Mutual Fund and IPOS Making investing easier and rewarding Mutual Funds which are an excellent portfolio diversification measure, help cut overall investor risk while delivering healthy capital appreciation. At present, there are 45 mutual fund houses operating in India, offering a total 1, schemes. With so many schemes to choose from, LM Securities helps you in investing in the scheme which is right and suitable for you. Backed by comprehensive research and a constant effort to beat index returns, our superior Portfolio Management solutions are specifically designated to meet individual investment goals and geared towards your overall wealth maximisation.

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