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This spankee fathoms this technique a lot. J and I have developed overtime indications once a way.

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Instant download and detailed guides on installation for all nude skins. I don't ever get fully spanked on just one cheek, which would be horrid, but especially with being OTK one side tends to get it a little more than the other. I can't see the point, really.

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Surely we play these games for the pain and pleasure, the endorphin high. This can go on for a while. My top is very aware of whether my bottom is getting rosy enough. So I often get a few extras on one side or the other if I'm not quite rosy enough. The problem is that this includes the thighs. I've had it happen, but it's not been anything obsessive, excessive, or noteworthy really. So I don't really have an issue with the technique. Is Randy's interest in symmetry just an excuse to smack your bottom more or does he have a touch of OCD? That's something we don't like. We prefer her to have a nice even glowing red bottom.

Though during Season's spanking, I will not just alternate cheeks as that gets too metronomic and unimaginative. It drives Season wild and I need to hold her tightly in place when I give her many consecutive spanks on the same spot then repeat this process on her other cheek to even her out. I will also tease her and say one cheek is redder than the other and proceed to smack one side then say "Oops" now that side is too red so I must slap her other cheek. In theory, I could keep this up indefinitely, but will soon stop after Season whines and pouts, but only to move onto the more amorous part of her spanking. Yes, Henry will deliver extra spanks to one side to even things up.

I brought the question to him for his input, and he said the reason is that the outside cheek often gets an unfair amount of attention, so he will deliver some more purposefully to the inner cheek. This is a regular part of maintenance and erotic spankings. If it's a punishment spanking, it's administered deliberately to the "sweet spot" only. There's never any movin' around on his part anyway giggle. I think Henry has the techniques "down pat" or "down spank. Symmetry is poetry, and poetry is spanking up one buttock cheek and back down the other, so to speak. Of course, originating from the shores of Blighty, everything spanking is dominated by the magic spanko number of six.

Whether using a cane, paddle, hairbrush, slipper, strap or simply your hand, as long as you deliver in sets of six, everything will remain symmetrical. Whoa, that was geekish! My wife likes to visit both sides and leave each side equally red when she gives me an OTK.

I'm not boring any ladies. Just and family name free hd flags. Why or why not?.

She actually looks for any white spots and actually mture excited when she finds jusyices. She goes right after the white spots to make sure every inch is red. When justicrs is giving matute school type paddlings, she does not focus so much on getting both sides even, she just goes at it. This technique usually leaves one side more red. I try to help her out by moving to one side, but she usually adjusts her swing. When we are having a session with our disciplinarian there is not an issue with one side being uneven as my wife is right handed and our disciplinarian is left handed. So when the team up my poor bum is thoroughly spank evenly. Randy and I agree about the need for spankings to be even.

I hate that lopsided feeling where one cheek is on fire and the other feels barely touched. He takes pride in his thoroughness and even a casual spanking includes attention to both sides. Evening up is particularly an issue when he uses longer implements and sometimes OTK.

As others have observed, the far cheek is often struck with greater velocity and more leverage. As a result, it quickly becomes redder, sorer, and more thoroughly punished. Extra swats to the nearer cheek correct this inequity. Thanks, everyone, for sharing your insights and your weekend with us. See you next time! Posted by Bonnie at 6: Our topic this week was inspired by my dear husband's love of symmetry. Do you or your partner ever deliver extra spanks to one side in order to "even up" the spanking? If so, is this a regular practice or an exception. Does the use of "evening up" swats depend upon the position, implement, or purpose? How does the spankee feel about this technique?

If you'd like to join the fun, please enter your response in the form of a comment below. Once everyone has had a turn, I will post an edited summary. Here's what you had to say. I get a maintenance spanking once a week. It is a priority. Master sees it as a reminder that I am not in charge and as a deterrent to a punishment spanking. I see it as peace of mind. We absolutely do use 'maintenance' or 'resssurance' spankings, generally about twice a week. They have become the cornerstone of our DD marriage! I think what we do is more of pseudo-maintenance as I ultimately have control over it. Probably most people doing DD would just consider it recreational spanking, but it makes an adjustment in my head anyway so it might as well be maintenance.

It works for us! I think I get spanked often enough not punishment that I don't require maintenance spankings. Our spankings are purely recreational, but we do engage in them on a regular basis, and they are very necessary for my well-being. They help me unwind, relax, and reconnect with my husband.

They aren't maintenance spankings in nightt DD sense, but they are very beneficial to our relationship. For the past two months, we've scheduled a maintenance night once a week. Niggt the benefits of simply setting the tone for the week ahead, I've noticed that I no longer have intense headaches. How did you know that this is ALL we've talked jature at my house this week? Yes, we do these two times a week and since we nigjt them, punishment spankings are few and far between. I think things would get topsy-turvy if we were to Mrwhacker mature justices night them up.

Just a lucky guess? Killing two birds with one stone and all! I'll give Grace a maintenance spanking about three to four times per week. They help refocus her and put her in the correct headspace. The biggest benefit, though, is the fact that her anxiety will lessen after one of these spankings. So for us, they are basically therapeutic. I don't get dedicated maintenance spankings. I get spanked arbitrarily nearly every night, though, and there are times when I use that to focus myself in the way that you've described. I've gotten "reminder" spankings in the past. These spankings were meant to keep my mind focused on accomplishing a particular task or minding a rule which I hadn't been giving enough focus in the past couple of days.

How great is your timing with this discussion? We are missing each other and needing to reconnect and he feels a spanking is the answer and I agree. If I haven't been getting into trouble the last few weeks, so spankings have not been necessary. And our sex spankings haven't been going on much either since we haven't been able to do much of that either. I miss my husband and I miss my spankings and we might just have to do maintenance or something because I don't want to brat to get in trouble. I think our situation is the same as Hermione's. We have regular "fun" spankings five or six days a week, if not every day.

This keeps us pretty much on an even keel. I believe they contribute greatly to the increased closeness we've had over the last four years or so. J and I have scheduled maintenance spankings once a week. I'm glad we do because I'd hardly ever get spanked otherwise.

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