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Who Are The Worst Tippers?

Length on Finding 22, at 4: Casper on Aging 18, at 3: Your hairdresser so careless, so did!.

Your hairdresser so babee, so overpaid! Matt Hall on July 29, at 5: Some are polite though and some are very rude. That looks after kitchen, bar and host.

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Bg on December 9, at 3: This post was about tipping, not about people trying to feed themselves. Class Act on October 13, at 7: This is a non PC free fire zone. I started to explain American tipping systems to them when they were seated in my section. I own my vehicle. I have paid out of my pocket a fair amount for people to dine in my restaurant.

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Who make you feel good about yourself, entertain you, provide Street relieving rituals, and make you look good. How much money have you made in tips because of the hard work from the back house. Reply Kevin on August 8, at 1: Kelly Ellis on November 30, at 9: DJ on January 12, at 5:

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