Literature sexual harassment

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The ugly scandal that cancelled the Nobel prize

One week, leading researchers in dating, physics and chemistry have been cast the prestigious Servant Untiring. He expressions the Academy might be part served with a more attractive jury.

The academy had harasment established to embody and to Literaturre the claim that Swedish was one of harassmejt great languages of Sexuao civilisation, as worthy of respect as any other. In the academy put this belief to the test by choosing two of its own members, the poets Harry Martinson and Eyvind Johnson, for the prize — a choice that was greeted with a storm of derision. Four years later, Martinson killed himself. This criticism seems unduly harsh: Martinson is a much better poet than, for example, Bob Dylan, who was awarded the prize in But the dismissive reaction was a warning of things to come.

She arranged not to have to travel to the weekly meals in Stockholm because this would disrupt her work too much. She left in after a very public row when the academy failed even to discuss a motion in support of Salman Rushdie, after a fatwa was issued against him. Two other members also tried to resign over the Rushdie affair. They, like Ekman, were told that the statutes made no provision for anyone to leave before death. So, like her, they simply cut off all contact with the academy.

Harassment Literature sexual

The members could have chosen to try to make a difference in the world. Instead, they turned inwards, cleaving to the belief in their own self-importance and in their perfect right to secrecy. When I was last in Stockholm, in May, none of the academicians I approached would talk at all, and few people would talk on record. And no one, I think, wants to be seen washing dirty linen in the foreign press. But I was told again and again that the academy was run by small cliques, and that the story could not be understood outside of the personal relations of the people within it.

Ekman was one of the few Academicians whose novels sold in any quantity in Sweden.

The split between popular and elite writing was widening throughout the s and it shows up very clearly in the saga of Literayure writers, only one of whom would become important to the academy. One had started a literary magazine when he was 17 and still in school. At the age of 24, Larsson published a novel full of meaningless sex and alienation called The Autists — and became a critical sensation. So great was his success that the other Stig Larsson changed the spelling of his name to Stieg. He was working for years in almost complete obscurity on a novel called Men Who Hate Women, while earning his living on small left-wing magazines.

Kris was a small but very fashionable magazine, a war cry against the earnest worthiness of much of Swedish literature then, which was full of noble proletarians and earnest worries about socialism.

Kris preached Derrida, and the importance of French and German literature over supposedly provincial American writers. Stig Larsson got to interview Foucault. This was all happening at secual time when Swedish Llterature culture was rushing in the other direction, ignoring European influences, and indeed languages, and embracing the Literature sexual harassment language, commercial television, hamburgers, credit cards, celebrity and golf. NPR's Andrew Limbong has more. An expose published late last year by the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter told the story of 18 women who said they were sexually harassed or assaulted by a French arts promoter named Jean-Claude Arnault.

He's married to poet Katarina Frostenson and is friends with Horace Engdahl, two members of the Swedish Academy, which awards the Nobel Prize in literature. Earlier this week, Arnault was sentenced to two years in prison after being found guilty of raping a woman in Everybody sort of knew, but nobody wanted to admit that they knew what he was up to. Brown says, on top of the sexual abuse, there's the matter of a club called Forum which Arnault and his wife, Frostenson, owned and which also got some money from the Academy. So there was an element of possible financial corruption there because they were voting on subsidies to themselves.

Hafassment comfortably female celebrities were landing their support for former crying secretary Tess Danius who had raised down. Suspend our community terms of use and ladies naked at www.

On top of that, there were reports harassmet Frostenson leaking names of winners to Arnault, allowing him to win some gambling money. When all of this came to light, Frostenson and Engdahl refused to step down. So three members of the Academy left in Lietrature, and permanent harassmeht Sara Danius was nudged out. Sesual she is talking to a press gaggle after she stepped down last April. It's already affected the Nobel Prize quite severely, and that is a rather big problem. Because being a member of the Swedish Academy is a lifetime appointment - you can't leave.

The most you can do is not participate. The Swedish king can intervene. It's kind of a mess of a situation that Brown says leaves a deserved black mark on the reputation of the Swedish Academy, which declined to comment for this story. I think it certainly damages the ethos of the Academy, and it's an open question, you know, how well it'll recover. He thinks the Academy might be better served with a more international jury. And as with things like the Supreme Court and so on, there's problems with lifetime appointments in general.

And he points out that there are other literary awards.

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