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InKawamoto and Patel reviewed the six largest published studies of typical and atypical segmemt [ 36 — 8 ] Their review supported the relative frequency of median clefts when compared with oblique clefts. This may occur as a sporadic event or as a part of an inherited sequence of anomalies. Midline facial clefts can come in the entire spectrum, ranging from a simple vermillion notch to the more severe lesions with rhinoschisis and hypertelorism. This review article aims to give a broad idea on the various classifications used for further understanding of midline facial clefts and a brief idea about the various surgical management techniques used in the repair of these facial clefts.

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Molecular studies have shown that initiation and outgrowth of the facial processes and specification of their identity is partly controlled by interaction of fibroblast growth factors, Sonic hedgehog SHHBone morphogenic proteins, the sement containing genes, Barx 1 and Msx 1, the distal less homeobox containing genes Dlx and local retinoic acid gradients [ 2122 ]. The authors present a series of eight cases with varying degrees of midline facial clefts. For purposes of identifying craniofacial syndromes which predict brain malformations the face can be regarded as developing from 2 sources. Received Oct 14; Accepted Feb It arises embryologically from incomplete fusion of the medial nasal prominences.

According to this theory clefts result from a failure of mesodermal penetration. Of these, the median facial cleft is by far the most common [ 3 ].

Segment Median facial

In comparison to other facial clefts; median facial Medlan are rarely associated with extracranial abnormalities [ 4 ]. Median facial malformations and their implications for brain malformations. The most basic presentation of midline facial clefts is in the form of a Median cleft lip which is defined as any congenital vertical cleft through the centre of the upper lip. Although various causative factors have been suggested, the exact cause of the occurrence of a median cleft lip is still unknown. The developmental areas are not specific junctions; but instead composed of continous bilamellar ectodermal membranes with focal regions where mesoderm acts to contour the merging of embryologic process.

Midline clefts of face can be subdivided into two major categories: First described by Bechard init is the most common amongst all sdgment clefts reported. Sulik [ 19 ] explained atypical clefts by the variability in the location of the ossification centres. Paul Tessier presented the classification of craniofacial clefts which were numbered 0—14 in clockwise system with orbit serving as the axis. The development of facial clefts on embryological level has been proposed and explained by different theories. Immediately before completion of these processes, the lateral nasal process has a peak of cell division that renders it susceptible to teratogenic insults, and any disturbance in growth at this critical time can lead to failure of the closure mechanism [ 10 ].

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