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This is your last chance to turn around because what follows is the absolute filth. The temptation to roll in the dirt is strong, I totally get it. Swear words are the forbidden fruits that make learning Spanish inspiring. Randal Sheppard licensed cc by-sa 2.

Eag This is the pyertorican nature of languages and one can do nothing about it. Also, the degree of offense any given expression can cause would vary largely and depend on the context and person, among other things. Having said that, you should still have a fair understanding s;anish how most insults pussyy by the time you finish reading. This verb means to fuck or to screw, both figuratively and literally. When pufrtorican by itself and without any conjugation as an interjection, it expresses everything from extreme shock or surprise to extreme frustration. More common in Spain than elsewhere, hostia does not exactly translate into fuck but is used the same way you would use fuck in English as an interjection.

Another equivalent would be when you use Jesus or dammit as an interjection. This is yet another creative way to use joder, especially when your anger is directed at someone in particular. Just as in English, this expression could even be used in a lighter mood among friends but you should know better than to push your luck. Context can wildly sway its implied meaning. Pinche in this sense is often used in combination with a noun. The more innocent translation of this word is kitchen assistant. Often paired with pendejo as pinche pendejo fucking idiotthis is extremely common in the streets of Mexico.

In the rest of Central America, pinche also means miserly or cheap.

The last but no less expensive worse I can find of is that knowledge them is motivating. One ready is not large for individual!.

The Crass Ass cara de culo ass-face: Yes, this is actually a thing! Spanish is mighty creative that way. The phrase is super-simple and yet so powerful. Cara is Spanish for face and culo is the rear. No rocket science there. This one also belongs in Spain more than anyplace else. Depending on the mood of the person using it, the word can also mean daft, imbecile, cheeky, or simply annoying. When not used as an insult, capullo is Spanish for a flower bud. Flower bud and asshole?

This is one rich word in Puertoridan America. The usage as an insult is only confined to Argentina; however, it has a whole range of other ouertorican, both slang spanosh standard, elsewhere. In some contexts, it means talent, in others fraud or swindle. Fraud does call for skills, after all. Pusys it up your ass! Meter is Spanish for insert. When conjugated for the familiar second-person imperative, it becomes mete. Puertoriican — jn Mother Ship of All Vulgarity bicho cock: But given the right context, you can turn it into a solid weapon of vulgarity. Huevo is Spanish for egg which easily explains its alternative usage in less-than-polite settings.

In Mexico, the word can also be used as an interjection when one wants you to fuck off. Pija is yet another slang for the male genitalia and chupar means to suck. In places like Mexico and Puerto Rico you could also try mamabicho. Gilipollas is a very colorful piece of vulgarity from Spain. Depending on the situation it could mean jerk, asshole, and everything in between. For other countries, see "cachar", "coger", "cepillar" ",montar", "tirar" La concha de tu madre your mom's cunt is a strong insult. La concha tuya your cunt. Conchita diminutiveConcha Peluda hairy cunt are other common uses of the word.

Only the reflexive form has a sexual connotation. So the original is concha. La chacon de tu madre should be read as La concha de tu madre Your mother's cunt You know what I mean. Chinga tu madre Fuck your mother note I think it speaks for itself. Can be used on its own or in a sentence as 'chinga tu puta madre'.

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Literally it means 'fuck your mother of a whore' and is used in the same sense as 'fuck you'. Can be used as verb: All of them are very rude. A Maria le gusta que le dan candela por el culo. Mary likes to take it up the ass. Fachar verb to fuck a woman "Esta buena, yo me la facho" note used in Venezuela The transitive form "le hizo una paja a su amigo" means to masturbate somebody else. Te voy a hacer la sopa I am going to suck your pussy Vamos buscar tres jebas y hacer un cuadro. Let's find three broads and make a daisy chain. Hazme una cubana, hazme una cubanita. Jodete y