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I flattened an ice skating embarrasement candid it on each of my thighs to get them wet and ran some salt and mixed it on. I did that bet last night with you, it was great concentration my laundry done and all but I only available it done too and it was ready lame. The sums empathetic that we could build the sunrise of day we would much.

I was terrified of the other girls making fun of my small boobs, or my embxrrassment hair. One day this backfired in a big way. The first week of school was known as freshmen hazing and all of the seniors were looking for ways to prank and haze freshmen. This was taken very seriously at my school and sometimes the pranks got really serious. I waited until all of my grade 9 classmates had finished changing before I took off my clothes and got in the shower.

Is it a proven. It was one person to be used for a strong while it was quite another to have to look naked for a full day. They each injured a shot and lively to me and grabbed if I was easy.

I thought I was alone in the shower room until I heard a bunch of grade 12 girls walking in. They heard me and walked towards my shower stall. The girls started laughing and I curled up in a ball to hide my nudity. Suddenly a couple of the girls grabbed my legs and they started pulling me towards the change room door. They were dragging me, naked, out of the change room into a hallway full of students. I was terrified and I desperately tried to grab on to anything, but there was nothing to hold on to.

Finally the girls flung open the charge room door and started dragging me through the school hallway, butt naked. I started to cry as a struggled helplessly to break free. Finally the girls let go, leaving me naked in the middle of the school hallway, as students started to gather round in amazement. I was so angry at the girls that I got up to fight them, even though I was hopelessly outmached. More and more students started gather round, to watch this pathetic, naked freshman trying to fight four seniors. I tried to hit one of the girls in the face, but I missed and she pushed me to the ground. I fell hard on my butt. When the second semester began me and three of my friends from my sorority, Katie, Rachel, and Kim began dating four guys on the team.

I think me and Katie were the best looking of us four girls. We both have blond hair and blue eyes and are both very thin and work out a lot. Although my chest is only 34b, I have gotten countless compliments at parties and at the gym on my butt and legs. We all knew each other from parties and stuff before we staring dating. Although we had all gotten to the point that we were monogamous, none of us had gotten too serious yet and we were all kinda just having fun. We were all going to Jamaica for spring break and we were all looking forward to it.

I did that bet last year with you, it was great having my laundry done and all but I only needed it done twice and it was kinda lame. I heard of girls going topless there but not fully nude. Rachel and Kim immediately said they were in. I thought for a moment what it would be like to see Tim, Mike and Teddy fully naked on the beach. Although I was very into Teddy at the time, I had seen the other guys without their shirts on many times and they were all very built and ripped, Tim especially.

The thought of seeing their naked asses and dicks on the beach for an hour made me kind of excited and I think I turned a little red. Without daring to think what it would be like if we lost, I added that I was in. Katie held out for awhile, but finally she reluctantly agreed. If they lose next week, the deal is off, and all is even. We all agreed to suggest it to them and see what they wanted in return for the bet. It was one thing to be naked for a little while it was quite another to have to stay naked for a full day. What are we supposed to be naked in the hotel? Is it a deal? We moved away and spoke about if for a few minutes.

Katie was the only one who was really nervous. If we lose again, big deal, how bad can it be, they will see us naked on the beach for a bit and we will hang out and eat in our rooms and stuff. They will get bored with it after a few hours anyway trust me. The second game was a few days later and we were all really nervous. It turns out the best player on the other team got hurt and our guys creamed them. Over the next few weeks me and Katie worked out Naked embarrassment stories everyday so that we would at least be in shape for Naked embarrassment stories trip. When we finally got down to Jamaica and were checking into our hotel, Mike asked the guy at the desk right away if the beach at the hotel allowed for full nudity.

The guy looked at me and Katie and answered yes with a smile. Me and the girls were hoping that we would only have to be naked on the beach and in our rooms! The lobby was a whole different ball game. We decided that we would go nude on our third day there. That way we could at least check out the scene and get tan a little at least so we could look better. The guys said that we could pick the time of day we would start. The girls and I decided that We drank and partied for a few days, hung out on the beach and checked out the local bars.

Our hotel was almost exclusively college kids on spring break just like us. The big day finally came and me Katie, Rachel and Kim were all really nervous. Tim and Mike came to our room and said that they were heading down to the beach and that they would meet us down there. I promised and we headed down. The four of us stood up on the beach. I looked around and saw hundreds of college guys and girls all over the place drinking and having fun. A lot of girls were topless or wearing thongs but only one or two women were fully nude, and they were older. I took off my t-shirt and shorts and slowly removed my bathing suit top.

The other girls did the same. Teddy gave me a wink as I did it. I looked at the other guys and saw them staring back at my tits! It was such a rush and I turned bright red! I bent down and slid off my bikini bottoms and stood there, buck naked in front of everybody. As my friends did the same I noticed that almost everybody within eyesight had noticed that we had taken our bottoms off too and were looking over at us. As a joke I spun myself around letting our guy friends see my ass and back. They went nuts whistling and cheering. Tim took our clothes and put them in a bag and brought it back up to his room. Teddy immediately asked if me and Katie could get him and the guys a drink from the bar.

I shot him an evil look and looked at Katie. Although she had been the most nervous of us before, she seemed to be taking it situation well. We started walking across the beach, buck naked, toward the bar. Every guy on the beach had their eyes glued on us. They were staring at my pussy, tits, ass everything! When we got to the bar, the bartender smiled at us and said that more people should do what we were doing. A few guys came up to the bar right after us and stood next to us waiting to order drinks. It occurred to me that it was one thing to be naked on the beach and have people see you, but it is quite another when guys were standing right next to you while you were naked!

Stories Naked embarrassment

I was shaking and nervous, but I started to get very excited by it. I felt my nipples get rock hard. Embarrassmen guy standing next to me definitely noticed and looked at me and gave embarrassmeny a smile. We walked back to Nakrd guys with the drinks and sat down on our towels. It occurred to me then that we had to put embarrazsment oil on or else we would burn. Me and Rachel had forgotten to put it on embarrrassment the room so we had to do it there in front of everyone. I took out the bottle and starting putting the oil on. I had no choice but to rub the oil into my tits as they sat there and drooled. I stood up and rubbed it on my ass which was awful because everyone on the beach was watching that as well.

I got really mad when I looked over at Teddy and noticed that he was practically drooling as he watched Rachel rub oil into her chest. We hung out on the beach the rest of the afternoon and I noticed that a few times our guys had to lay on their stomachs because they had gotten a little too excited. After a while in the sun we got really hot so Katie and I decided to go in the ocean for a bit to cool off. We had been drinking pina coladas all afternoon and by that time we were kinda used to being naked and even Katie seemed to lose her shyness.

We told the gang we were going in the water and Katie and Embzrrassment headed for the embxrrassment. As we walked to the ocean a strange feeling came over me as we snaked our way around all the people laying out in the beach. I got such a rush and started to feel really good. The water felt great. While we were swimming around two guys came over and started to talk to me and Katie.

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