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Hump Day: Volleyball booty edition (33 Photos)

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Third, no need to hone in on the target. It's hard to tell what's real and what's fake on the internet these days. After a little more research, we have discovered this women's name is Klara Perica member of the Croatian team. Michael Phelps would be lined up in the starting blocks, about to demolish his own world record, and a professional cameraman would be zoomed-in on the bulge of his Speedo. Paula has been to four Olympic games, two for indoor volleyball and two for beach volleyball.

Sometimes though, you have to cool down some "hidden" areas. Vollebyall cameramen probably flock to her in numbers! These American ladies have dominated the beach volleyball world over the last fifteen years, bringing home three straight gold medals, fromin the summer Olympics, after which May-Treanor retired. Let's not forget about the tight team huddles where ass slaps are a form of currency.

Volleyball girls Nice ass

Who even thought this was a good idea? In the photo, you can make out a name on those white bottoms, and it turns out that the unsuspecting victim of this picture is none other than Brazilian star, Ana Paula. Before practice tomorrow, we are going to do a topless team photo for Valentine's Day, we just need you to bring in something heart-themed decorations to cover up! First off, you've got the girl who's in a no-win situation picking her wedgie.

But, there will always be faithful and publications at these developments, objectifying these innovative ideas. These women are at the woman of physical chemistry, and the pressures prove it.

Those soft smiles are complemented nicely by their rock hard abs. When the cameraman says "Now, let's do a funny one," don't even think about doing racist crap like this. On the other hand, you've got her teammate, who thinks this whole situation is absolutely hilarious. Can you imagine if they shot pictures of men's sports like they did for women's volleyball?

girrls It's a light tap, then retreat. Last, the butt slap is only acceptable during game play. It's the troves of internet photoshoppers that completely turned this picture on its head. In a list of unknown volleyball players, you have got to recognize these two dominant women, Kerri Walsh Jennings and Mist May-Treanor.

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