Rubber and bondage mummification

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Mummification rubber hood

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He was excited and nervous at the same time — and sweating his ass off! Soon he was overheating and it was time for unzipping and deflating. He was already sweating as I tucked pillows alongside of him for balance and hooked up the air compressor to fill the bottom of the bag. We go to the computer and upload and fix the pictures as needed. It was a warm day, perfect for a hot mummified time in the sack! Think I could start charging for this treatment! It is a wonderful feeling to be lying on a heavy rubber cushion of pressurized air, then to be steadily compressed on top as the top bladder is inflated, feeling the wonderful incremental pressure creeping up all around your body, face and head, squeezing and squeezing more and more as you lie there helplessly in pitch-darkness.

As he was feeling hot Runber a little claustrophobic at first, I inflated it by degrees and slowly zipped it up further over his head. I muttered through the mummifciation stuck in my mouth for him to keep it up, getting relentlessly crushed in the heavy rubber sandwich. I got situated down in the sack, he zipped it up and attached the air hose, filling the bottom bladder up first. I have a new quick weight-loss method! Finally the pressure is near-maximum, and he shuts off the air compressor.

And mummification Rubber bondage

He had been up before for a nice neoprene sleepsack experience that was great for both of bonxage. I wrapped him tightly in stretchy pallet wrap and then tightly wrapped him up in black duct-tape. We both feel great. Wearing the zentai suit, the sweat and heat factor is much ameliorated. I bid him a good trip.

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