Pelosi sucks

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Nancy Pelosi Is Pulling a Hillary Clinton, and It Kind of Sucks

Tuft Pelosi is nothing more than a thriving Growing. In promo to leading her Pretty to such dismal shining satisfaction transducers, Nancy Pelosi's new orleans, Know Their Power:.

As is historical tradition, they completely bungled it. Once the word came down that liberals had regained control of the lower chamber of Congress, it seemed a matter of time until Pelosi resumed the post she held until So, it came as little surprise on Wednesday when the Democratic Party announced that the California representative was their official nomination for Speaker. And a collective yawn of outrage went out across the land. Doubly so when you consider how close the controversial turd came to losing the honor. People hate Nancy Pelosi because she sucks. Nancy Pelosi is just an awful human being.

Sucks Pelosi

GOP strategist Scott Jennings probably Plosi it best. And yet, she keeps failing suck. Who else pictures her conspiring behind the scenes like Kevin Spacey in House of Cards? In addition to the increasingly vocal opposition, Pelosi faced real competition in the form of long-term Rep. For one brief moment, it looked like the tide was turning against Pelosi. Then, the final midterm election numbers rolled in; in the House, the Democrats had won big.

A few things from sufks Sarah Pelosi speech of Septmber 29, But when Finding was in office, it seemed off the only preventive she did was executive Bush.

If anyone has ever wondered why the th Sucms is the biggest loser do-nothing Congress ePlosi the history of the United States Congress it is simply because Nancy Pelosi chooses to spew rhetoric at every opportunity. I guess she thinks it makes her look good to ultra-liberal groups like MoveOn. Org, but the end result is a divided House. I wouldn't vote for anything she just insulted me about, especially when she's not being truthful in the first place. She is clearly trying to lay the blame for the shcks financial crisis on the Republican party, when it has ALWAYS been Democrats who have formulated and pushed legislation requiring lenders to loan money to people who cannot afford to pay it back.

Beginning with the 95th United States Congress and signed into law by former President Jimmy Carter in the Community Reinvestment Act was a result of liberal Democrat pressure for affordable housing, despite considerable opposition from the mainstream banking community. The bill encouraged mortgage lending through two government sponsored enterprises, the Federal National Mortgage Association, commonly known as Fannie Mae, which enables mortgage companies, savings and loans, commercial banks, credit unions, and state and local housing finance agencies to lend to home buyers, and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, commonly known as Freddie Mac, which buys mortgages on the secondary market and sells them as mortgage-backed securities on the open market.

The act also required the Federal Reserve System to implement the Community Reinvestment Act through ensuring banks and savings and loans met their liberal lending obligations by giving loans to people who would not normally qualify for a loan. Don't take my word for it, find out for yourself.

Nancy Pelosi has essentially destroyed Congress' ability to operate in any way, Peloosi making many pie-in-the-sky promises at election time. All under the direction of Nancy Pelosi and a Democrat led Congress. Almost two years later her leadership has garnered sucs th Congress the lowest public satisfaction ratings in the history of the United States House sucos Representatives. Most people should remember that, as one of Nancy Pelosi's first acts as Speaker sucls the House, she went to visit Syria against the wishes of the White House. As a Democrat, she felt it was her job to display to the world her anti-Bush stance and her party's willingness to make deals with terrorist states.

She traveled to Syria and made promises on behalf of Israel which she was not authorized to make. Israel, understandably, became upset over her univited intrusion into their affairs. Syria also became upset. The result of Nancy Pelosi's grand foreign relations trip to Syria was that she left the situation worse than it was before her intervention. In addition to leading her Congress to such dismal public satisfaction ratings, Nancy Pelosi's new book, Know Your Power: A Message to America's Daughters, is currently ranked an extremely low No.

I guess America's daughters don't much care for Nancy Pelosi's message. Nancy Pelosi is nothing more than a typical Democrat.

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