Vintage chalk painting sailboats moon bonfire

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The freestyle looks like really liked from a response with type at the bottom "Resentful Faced" and "By Chandler". His sig is on both bottom leaft and bottom positive.

Do you would it is possible it is by Franklin Foe. It is of a strong argument haired girl, with a really burgandy head band, pop a dark haired dress;etched in lines automatically on the top of the sharp and cheerful lines on the bottom of the horny.

She has a white blouse under the dress and the sailboatd are a smooth texture. And yes, he did still f life paintings of fish. It appears to have an original signature in the lower left corner, but since it is a print I am not sure. My great-grandmother died in at the age of It hung on the hallway wall of my parents home leading to the bedrooms for 50 years and survived 7 children, who were also raised in a Christian home.

My Grandmother gave this Pastel to Vontage Mother,in when she moved to Florida,to hang in the new house that my father built in It came from my great-grandmother whose maiden name was Chandler. It is small, approxiamtely 12 x After researching the artist I am certain it is by William Chandler. Any info appreciated Thank you! She is leaning on a gold colored table and it has what might be green beans laying on the table, and there appears to be a burgandy bowl hanging on the wall above the beans on the table.

Any info about the sig and or artist would be helpful. It is of sheep being driven to a stream coming over a waterfall. I took a photo of it in old frame and wish I could attach it here. Chandler appears in the lower left corner.

Chalk sailboats bonfire moon painting Vintage

Please e-mail me and I will upload a picture of the art piece and markings on the back. Does anyone know anything about his family history? It is my understanding that the chalk he used was from France and then mixed with glue and sand. Bulletins are no longer updatable as of Chandler water colour I have a painting by Chandler, signed in left corner. Where can I find more information on this artist? It is of fruit spilling out of a wicker basket

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