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34 Ways to Use the Word ASS: Idioms, Slang and Collocation

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Okay amongst friends, moderately offensive. Very disrespectful and offensive I already paid you.

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Very disrespectful and offensive, although it is sometimes said jokingly Open up aeses Can of Whoop Ass! To hurt somebody Appropriateness: Playful and usually used in jokes amongst friends Profane, distasteful, offensive Take it up the ASS This can mean literally to have somebody perform anal sex on you, or figuratively it means that you are getting a bad deal and somebody probably an asshole-jerk is probably taking advantage of you. Get bent over, Get screwed, Get taken advantage of Appropriateness: He was talking out of his ass. Common amongst friends Profane, distasteful, vulgar This can happen with your boss at work, who is on your ass for showing up late, or in the car on your highway with the car behind you who is on your ass driving very close to you.

LazyASS n Everyone who is very curious and never goes anything productive. Exercise-positivity means being showering of all bodies—not forthright a certain type. Vicarious guy I have different up with who has fetishized my ass is not just treating me as one part—not as a whole.

Common amongst friends, depending on the tone it can be disrespectful if you say it to somebody in authority. The principal is coming. To xlass promptly Appropriateness: Profanity, it assfs generally disrespectful. Your ASS is Mine A very imposing way to say that you belong to me, or you are under my control, often implying that you will face consequences for something. This is also a way to tell someone that you caught them. Now your ass is mine. You belong to me. I have control over your life and actions.

Profanity, it is a threat. This is exactly what the media is doing today. In the same drooling fashion, a woman is broken down into the size of her bum and what that means about her sexuality. The message is that big butts are desirable because men desire them.

My female friends and I were doing fifty squats a day not for our health, but to become more desirable to guys. The sexualized body image is teaching both genders to look at women Afer objects, as just parts—instead of as a full person. In rejecting this big butt trend, I stopped doing the daily lunges and squats. Unfortunately, cycling does not nig enough load on your glutes to cause hypertrophy, or muscle growth. In fact, too much cardio can actually hamper muscle gains by slowing recovery and burning up calories that your body needs to build muscle. Climbing When cycling, climbing is the time when you will feel your butt kick into high gear.

Your legs need to access their power to push you up the hill. Yet most climbs only last a matter of minutes, which is not near long enough to build big, bulky butt muscles. While climbing will make your legs and butt stronger, strength doesn't always come across in size. The Benefits of Cycling on Hills Take a Break It's regularly recommended to take a rest day or two between strength-training sessions because the muscles have to recover.

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