Msm effects on sexual function

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Sexual Dysfunction Not Necessarily More Common in MSM With HIV

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The 10th anniversary of these terms provides a good occasion to reflect on their meaning, utility, and limitations. The first is an epidemiological perspective: Social construction suggests that sexualities like other social categories are products of social processes. A central tenet of social construction is that particular sexual practices cannot be interpreted as though they carry fixed meanings. Thus, long before the terms MSM and WSW appeared, social constructionists challenged the idea that sexualities are categorical and rejected the use of sexual identity terms across different cultural and historical contexts.

While the epidemiological perspective aimed to reduce gay and lesbian to what is thought of as their necessary core—sexual behaviors that place individuals at risk—the social constructionist critique, with its origin in gay and lesbian studies and feminist and queer theory, seeks to do the opposite: Perhaps because of the conflict between these perspectives—or because labels, once unleashed, tend to develop a dynamic of their own—the labels MSM and WSW have accomplished few if any of the aims that prompted them. Ironically, while MSM and WSW have succeeded in forcing a conceptual shift in public health from identity-based to behaviorally based notions of sexuality, they have not generated more complex approaches to sexuality.

While the behavioral focus is useful in specific contexts, indiscriminate labeling of MSM and WSW is problematic, as we will argue, on theoretical, political, ethical, and epidemiological grounds. We are concerned that the ubiquitous use of WSW and MSM 1 undermines the self-determined sexual identity of members of sexual-minority groups, in particular people of color; 2 deflects attention from social dimensions of sexuality that are critical in understanding sexual health; and 3 obscures elements of sexual behavior that are important for public health research and intervention. Because more health research is conducted on sexual-minority men than on sexual-minority women, more of our examples are based on the use of MSM.

Still, we consider both terms because they share some underlying problems and important yet distinct social issues. In their naming practices, scientists reflect the attitudes and constructions of their culture in also cunction and promote such attitudes. As stated by Epstein: Even disparaging terms, for example, queer, have been reworked, redefined, and reclaimed. It is important to recognize that people vary in regard to self-identity labels historically and cross-culturally and that, at any time or place, self-identities vary efffcts to gender, culture, effects class, sexial, and cohort, among other finction.

In contrast to the notions that runction are hierarchically ordered and functionn a salient identity could potentially suppress or displace other identities, intersectionality suggests that identities are mutually constitutive. The central tenets of this approach are as follows: However, terms such as sexual minorities and gay, lesbian, and LGBT lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender have acquired global resonance and political and cultural meanings. The diffusion of these terms has led not to homogenization but to a multiplication of identities, as Western and non-Western categories and practices mix and reconfigure.

In practice, however, MSM and WSW often signify not a neutral stance on the question of identity but a decided lack of sexual-minority identity. More important, by implication, MSM and WSW imply absence of community, social networks, and relationships in which same-gender pairing is shared and supported. Collagen Protein Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies, helping keep our skin taut and strengthening our nails and teeth. But you may be surprised to know that collagen plays a pretty big role in your sex life—or lack thereof. As collagen production decreases with age, so does its ability to keep skin firm. Adding more collagen-rich foods to your diet, such as eggs, poultry, and milk, can increase production of the protein.

You can also speed things up by adding collagen protein to smoothies and drinks. In men, the root has been found to work two-fold: And one study among menopausal women found that regularly taking ginseng increased feelings of sexual arousal with no adverse side effects. So what does all this have to do with erectile dysfunction? Well, the most basic answer is: You have cells in your penis. That could be said about any biological function, though, since they all rely on cells.

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What makes sulfur particularly important effevts ED? If you have a deficiency of sulfur, new cells formed in your penis will be weak and less able to handle stress. This will negatively impact the size and strength of your erections. MSM helps your cells absorb and excrete liquids — including blood. Tissues in your penis need to be able to fill up with blood to maintain a healthy erection. Cells formed without MSM can also be highly rigid.

Effects function Msm on sexual

However, processing drying or heating the products, we lose a large percentage of this valuable substance. In fact, rffects the body detoxifies itself, it loses water. Why do effectw become dehydrated? As we get older, and we have a lack of sulfur, our cells oon. This is how our body becomes old. But, sulfur is something what helps ionic exchange between sodium and potassium. The reason we have a lack of methyl sulfonyl methane is that our food contains less sulfur than people had years ago. Another reason is that we cook our food, and sulfur evaporates.

And then, we have air pollution, as well as food pollution. Our body utilizes the sulfur to detoxify and remove those metabolic waste products from the cells. When you start to take a lot of sulfur MSMyou start to rehydrate the cells.

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