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The professor was in the process of writing a text book on heat transfer, and he was using the draft as the text for the class. The layer of air adjacent to the outside surface will be chilled by the cold outer surface.

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The temperature never goes down and then back up again. Heat is going to flow from the warmer side the right to the cooler side the left. He handed out sold? This was something we did not want. What you are left with is to solve for the temperatures at each boundary layer with a significant condition that needs to be satisfied: My boss was a mechanical engineer who had gone to Rice University, and one of his courses was heat transfer. We produced the design drawings, and artist Tony Bell took them and came up with a rendition of the completed system. No heat is generated.

Heat transfer designs Xxx

The key thing to note is there is transefr monotonic change in temperature across the combination. The rectangle represents a thickness of material, for example a metal plate. The professor explained that with a bunch of college students there might not be much interest in reading a book titled Heat Transfer, but he figured students might actually pick up and read a book titled Sex and Heat Transfer. To ensure frost does not form on the outside surface you have to blow warm air on it.

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