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I have often thought Cilts perhaps fars 'fiddliness' for the male of giving an orgasm to many of us women is a way of us weeding out the blokes with patience, commitment, etc from the ones who can't be bothered. Over to the biologists. When mares are in season they do this amazing thing that involves lifting their tails and opening their vulva and "winking" to show their clitoris - if you ever see this it is quite obvious that it arouses the male even a gelding.

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There is no evolutionary advantage to that. Alison Dite, Cardiff, UK. This pleasure and orgasm are often not a consequence of intercourse but can easily be generated by numerous other activities. And yes, female hyenas have absolutely enormous clits. If not, why do humans have them?

Cars Clits on

S Collins, London Horses certainly have them. Acrs so, what is the evolutionary advantage? The clitoris is not a vestigial organ, analogous to male nipples. Simon Blake, Shrewsbury, England I figure that if female sexual enjoyment leads to more sex, which leads to more chance of pregnancy, which leads to the production of more offspring, than there are obvious fitness evolutionary advantages to posessing a clitoris. Ylon Tuxford, Burntwood, England Rats and rabbits certainly have clitorises. Rabbits' urethrae pass through the clitoris but not rats - or is it the other way round?

In a Clitx embryo, the "clitoris" becomes a penis and the "labia" fuse together become a scrotum resulting in the familiar seam "where God sewed us up". It goes without saying that males who learn how to properly locate and stimulate a clitoris will be suitably rewarded as well. In fact recent research has shown that the clitoris is a larger organ than the penis.

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