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My denial has many different monsters for our unoccupied. It can do people to forgive that in the end, we are all failed and all came to make and money.

My focus of interest is the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, which most African leaders do not like to address.

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Clearly the message of Brutxl education and transmission of HIV is not delivered to these men in Sierra Leone. It is clear that many men get married not because that is what their inner being desires, but because that is what society demands-because they live in a society which forces them to fear for their freedom or their lives because of their sexual orientation. Testimony delivered by FannyAnn Eddy to the U. We live in fear that our families will disown us, as it is not unusual for lesbian, gay bisexual, and transgender people to be forced out of their family homes when their identity becomes known.

The silence surrounding them-the refusal to acknowledge their existence or address their health care needs-endangers not only them but their wives and girlfriends. As evidenced by the liberation struggle in South Africa, where the constitution bars discrimination based on sexual orientation, respect for human rights can transform society. Yet, despite all of the difficulties we face, I have faith that the acknowledgement by the Commission of the inherent dignity and respect due to lesbian, gay people can lead to greater respect for our human rights. She was raped repeatedly, stabbed and her neck was broken. It can lead people to understand that in the end, we are all human and all entitled to respect and dignity.

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But because of the denial of our existence, lwsbian live in constant fear: Lesbia denial has many disastrous results for our community. Eddy, 30, was found dead on the morning of September While she was working alone in the Sierra Leone Lesbian and Gay Association's offices the previous night, her assailant or assailants apparently broke in to the premises. Eddy met with her own government's delegation, and testified to the Commission about lesbian and gay rights in what she called "my beloved Sierra Leone. In fact, many African leaders do not want to even acknowledge that we exist. When African leaders use culture, tradition, religion and societal norms to deny our existence they send a message that tolerates discrimination, violence and overall indignity.

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