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Monica went back to her office and continued with her work. The coffee hadn't even been started yet; this might take longer than she promised. Monica had some difficulty balancing while performing this maneuver, so Shari suggested Monica use her hands to cover her pubic hair. Monica ran into one man who had been waiting several days for Monica to provide him with a phone directory of clients he needed to call back. Before today, that might have prompted her to slap somebody, but today she simply gave a friendly smile to everyone behind her, and made no attempt to figure out which one of them goosed her behind. Monica was so distraught she completely forgot about him.

Sometimes it was a lack whistle, sometimes an off-color spank, but the men in the best definitely let Monica midland they inherited her son, or wound of, for the day. Momma you be so important as to face coffee down to the area room?.

She stood idly in the center of the elevator, while the other passengers stood around her, occasionally sneaking a peek at her cleavage. Another man she visited had a package of pens, some of which were dried up. It wasn't until the coffee maker dribbled the last of the coffee into the pot, that Monica proceeded to take off her clothes. Of course, plenty of coworkers stopped by to take a glance at her, and every now and then she'd have to take a trip to the copy machine, which meant going down the halls and being noticed. Monica took out eight coffee cups from her cabinet and lined them up on a plastic tray.

The men slid their chairs closer to the table to conceal their erections as they gazed at Monica's beautiful body.

The elevator was crowed, but Monica didn't mind. A photographer had been hired to take numerous shots of the seven of them. Soon Monica started to make reasons for her to leave her office, and make special trips around the building, stopping by at the desks of the more attractive male employees.

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