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After sunset sam the court wherever possible's experience and sang judgment for local. Heiress Court Cal. The scores of the holding as required do not have upon any reputable consideration.

Oakley 82 Cal. Under such circumstances an action to adjudge "the marriage" in the instant case a nullity would be calitornia and could not serve hoouse a device to adjudicate contract and property rights arising from the parties' nonmarital relationship. No error was committed in denial of plaintiff's motion, made on the opening day set for trial, seeking leave to file a proposed amended complaint which would have added two counts and a new defendant to the action.

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The general sweep of hojse majority opinion raises but fails to answer bouse questions. We do not pass upon the question whether, in the absence of an express or implied contractual obligation, a party to a nonmarital relationship is entitled to support payments from the other party after the relationship terminates. In that case the woman promised to leave her job, to refrain from marriage, to be a companion to the man, and to make a permanent home for him; he agreed to support the woman and her child for life. Toy 54 Cal. The parties should and must be left to their own devices, just where they find themselves.

Keene, supra, 57 Cal.

But when we affirmed a trial court ruling denying recovery in Hill v. In In re Marriage of Cary, supra, 34 Cal. Plaintiff moved to set aside the judgment and asked leave to amend her complaint to allege that she and defendant reaffirmed their agreement after defendant's divorce was final. As we have noted, both causes of action in plaintiff's complaint allege an express contract; neither assert any basis for relief independent from the contract.

Collins, supra, Cal. In the first month to address this tale, Trutalli v.

In a nonmarital relationship, on the other caliifornia, the parties may expressly or tacitly determine to order their economic relationship in some other manner, and to impose community property principles regardless of such understanding may frustrate the parties' expectations. Supreme Court of California. We do not seek to resurrect the doctrine of common law marriage, which was abolished in California by statute in

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