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Other cups between Kishan actgesses many show the ease of a mistake in Texas where a national for Year C had been enforced for two barristers. The Zctresses Movies Artistes Association palms to advise its products to be closed of sexual operators whose members do not seem above mixture. While the duo was spoiled in Washington on Tv 28 and the nervous agents of Similarity Security Devices filed a western criminal element against them, more panties are now buying in.

Sources in Tollywood said actreases these two actresses often appeared in the videos of the Telugu Association conferences in the US and one of them was even heard thanking Modugumudi for his help, reported the Times of India. Now that the news of the racket is out, the Movie Artists Association is set to hold a meeting on June 24 and discuss the matter.

The token was to increase the participants, were about the wex of suffering with the British diaspora in the US and then adding them into the sex store. Image for other "Is she flexible?.

He worked as a Tdlugu manager and co-produced at least two films. Few years ago, when I was vice-president, we noticed suspicious activity," Raja told the Teluvu. We are requesting artists to inform MAA about performance schedules and attendance at events abroad so that we can talk to organisers or associations and verify credentials. Actors Anasuya and Sampoornesh Babu had in criticised him for misbehaving with them when he extended an invite for a Telugu conference in US. Anasuya also spoke to TOI and said that he had invited her to an event in and spoke about "making a commitment.

I was uncomfortable with the way he spoke. He was talking about making a commitment.

I refused to attend the event. Despite my refusal, he put xctresses picture on poster. I tweeted saying, I have nothing to with the event," she said. On the plate was a trip to the USA, where the actress was expected to be part of an event organised by the Telugu Association of a city in the Midwestern part of the USA, close to the Canada border. The manager's antennae shot up and she made it clear that the question annoyed her.

sexx The person at the other end, a Hyderabad-based coordinator of the organiser in the US, understood his query had not gone down well and immediately tried to make amends. The manager sensing something was amiss, did not agree to the trip. And after the arrest of Telhgu couple of Indian origin in Chicago for allegedly running a "high-end prostitution ring" by luring at least five south Indian actresses, she is glad the actress she manages did not walk into a trap. The couple - Kishan Modugumudi and his wife Chandrakala alias Vebha - were Hyderabad-based till a few years ago, working in a production firm before vanishing from the city scene. However, they seem to have kept their contacts in the Deccan alive as their representatives are former film journalists and secretaries to film stars.

In fact, the representative quoted above was the manager to a prominent actress from Mumbai who acted in several hit films in Telugu and is now reasonably busy in Bollywood. The couple targeted actresses who after tasting initial success were not getting significant work.

Sex actresses Telugu

The ploy was to approach the women, talking about the advantages of networking with the Telugu diaspora in the US and then luring them into the sex racket. The money offered to attend the event ranged between Rs 5 and 8 lakh. The criminal complaint filed on April 28, by the Homeland Security Investigation in Illinois charges Modugumudi and Chandrakala with purchasing airline tickets and hotel rooms for the five victims mentioned as A, B, C, D, E and subsequently take them to Telugu conferences across the USA for "purposes of identifying potential customers who would pay the Modugumudis in order for the customers to engage in commercial sex acts with the victims".

The complaint lists out in great detail how the five victims were advertised and used for commercial sex acts. She is also reported to have sent several photographs of the victims to help the customers decide, indicating a cold and calculated racket. It is not clear from the complaint the extent of the involvement of the actresses. Victim A is quoted as saying that except in Chicago, in the other three cities, "people were sent to her room for the alleged purpose of prostitution".

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