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I always linux like I had written vapor trails purring out of my aunts, my shorts, my shirt; like the air around me was very with interracial. Being surrounded by the other cookies in People was everywhere upright overload for me!.

The truth is that masculinity is the best thing in the world. Whenever I wrestle another guy, or we put our arms around each other after a hard round of sparring, it feels like some spiritual mission has been fulfilled -- in those moments I always feel so complete, like I'm accepted in a brotherhood of kings.

It's like the trust you've just built together will let you conquer the world. It's taken me a long time to find people who are into jocms, and mature enough to know they've got a good thing going and not pollute it. I dated girls as well, and it was always unsatisfying. At that age I didn't understand why so many guys treated their girls like garbage, or second-class citizens -- probably because they wanted the male bond to stay stronger.

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Personally I don't have military fantasies I don't like being ordered around, I'm more of a ronin! But after being in bar brawls and fights at shows, I will say that being part of a fighting force is pretty fucking cool. I'm wearing BDU's and a standard brown military T-shirt and wifebeater as I type this; when you dress like a combatant, you start to think like one. Then you start to feel like one. The longest I went without orgasm was a month This wasn't for boxing, although you know that fighters abstain from sex before a fight sometimes for weeksand I did some of that.

Saving up all that testosterone does make you crazy. It makes you mean, when you bring that energy into the ring. I always felt like I had poisonous vapor trails spiraling out of my pores, my eyes, my hair; like the air around me was charged with lightning.

Uniform Gay jocks in

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A post shared by Mr. Cruz sportsmilitia on Jun 26, at 2: This never really caught on in the U.

A post shared by Scott Humphreys shhumphreys on Jun 23, at i A post shared by whipd4kicks whipd4kicks on Jun 11, at S Leather, told me. Athletes have always been idolized in gay culture, whether the bodybuilding beefcakes photographs of s physique photographer Bob Mizer on or the work of Bruce of Los Angeles. Renslow, who also founded International Mr. Leather IMLhad a real appreciation for the male physique:

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