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Does this purchase put you or someone you love at risk for exposure to toxins linked to breastcancer? Many companies have sold pink ribbon products that are linked to brdast risk of breast cancer. And how do breast cancer awareness programs address the fact that we already know that breast cancer is a problem and that action is needed in order to end the epidemic? Think before you spend your money on pink items. We believe that companies that are profiting from building a reputation based on their concern about breast cancer have a responsibilityto protect the public from possible harms when scientifi c research indicates that there is a risk or plausible reason forconcern.

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Write a letter asking the company to be shorts about its donations. Consider giving directly to a breast cancer organization whose work you believe is most essential to addressing the breast cancer epidemic. Some of the earliest cause-marketing companies were well-known cosmetics companies that continue to sell cosmetics containing chemicals that have been linked to breast cancer. If not, consider giving directly to the charity of your choice instead.

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Can you tell how much money from your purchases will go to support breast cancer programs? InDansko shoe company sold pink ribbon clogs. What organization will get the money? The widely recognized pink ribbon symbol is not regulated by any agency and does not necessarily mean it effectively combats the breast cancer epidemic.

Consumers likely thought that a portion of their purchase of pink ribbon clogs went to a breast cancer program. Has this maximum donation already been met? Komen for the Cure commissioned a perfume called Promise Me that contains unlisted chemicals that are regulated as toxic and hazardous, have not been adequately evaluated for human safety, and have demonstrated negative health effects. How do screening programs ensure that women can get treatment? Although Komen said they would reformulate future versions of the perfume, without official adoption of the precautionary principle, there is no guarantee that future versions would be better.

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