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A hardened sense of humanity calls for continued cruise missiles strikes and other military action every time Assad crosses the lines laid out under international norms. This is the outcome that is hoped in using this new concept of hardened humanitarianism. When that tyrant steps over a line hit them hard, use force, show the world there are consequences! This impacts on what is called the deliberate planning cycle in modern parlance throwing out how international and domestic organizations plan for and deal with conflict on a day to day basis. With no apparent repercussion to these attacks on civilians, actors move about the battlefield with impunity.

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Just when planners think there is a viable course daid action developing related to a conflict, such as in Syria, one thing changes and everything changes, hence the term kaleidoscopic. If they know that force could be used again in reprisal for clear violations of international norms such as gas, perhaps they will refrain. Regardless of how one feels about the motives or the rationale behind the strike, it is posited that Assad, with the advice of Russia and Iran will think carefully about another sarin gas attack. In the world came together to create a doctrine that laid down a marker that declared that the international community has a right to step in to block a tyrant or head of state who is turning against his own citizens committing war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The long and tragic kaleidoscopic conflict that is Syria has now gone beyond peaceful resolution. We charged President Charles Taylor with aiding and abetting a conflict, among other modes of liability, in next door Sierra Leone, and he was convicted on those charges I signed in an indictment against him on an aiding and abetting theory. States parties who for whatever reason give that tyrant support should also be dealt with for their aiding and abetting of international crimes with legal sanctions. This is why a more hardened approach to our humanitarian principle of using force where legally appropriate will cause actors to pause and reconsider wholesale destruction in any given conflict.

Old doctrines for war fighting and the legal set of rules that surround warfare that have been tested over time are being challenged at all levels. Certainly, dialog and appropriate diplomatic discourse should continue. Kaleidoscopic conflict is fast becoming a new concept in the dirty little wars of the 21st century. When he feels the sting of consequence for his actions that tyrant begins to focus on that use of force against him. This gives us pause as to how to advise world leaders in dealing with any given conflict.

A tyrant only understands one thing-power. When we have to deal with a tyrant, thug, dictator davkd rogue head of state who davod on his own citizens, the international community or a member state of that community should step forward with a clear and firm position-stop it or force will be used. CraneSyracuse University College of Law, discusses the necessity of use of force in the Syrian conflict… The cornerstone to the UN paradigm is to settle disputes peacefully, using force only as a last resort.

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