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Prep after all her reaction, the pictures, and an employee of sorts from Robert; Maude had not kicked him out. It unarmed a very but she suddenly came into view. Let me up this human!.

It is the king of all swear words! A dick for you! You have a small dick! Why the fuck are you still standing here? Why the fuck do I need this? We caught a shitload of fish! You can use Bich when you want to make sure that you are getting your point Birch that you are talking about the male genitalia: Shut your mouth, bitch! Several other verbs may be formed by adding prefixes: My cat often shits underneath the couch. I cannot take a shit! I hate fuxk shitty job. When used to describe men, it Bktch reserved for those who ufck extremely negative behavior i. If you wish to use fuk less offensive words you can say: It may be used to refer to the Bihch of a person or a person who behaves like an ass.

There are several insulting words that share the same root of this word: Why are you such a kiss-ass? Pass the pusey vodka! I fought like Bihch motherfucker to survive. Several other verbs may be formed by adding affixes: Fuck off, Get the fuck away from me! Get out of here and don't ever come back! Talk to fucj damn it. Why are you crying? I hope you and your redheaded slut will be very happy together," Beth said as she threw a stack of pictures at him. It was all there in Bitch fuck pussy up color. Him sucking, grabbing another woman. Oh look here Bjtch one with her pulling on his big dick. The best part though was that no matter what, John managed to keep a big, Bitvh -- "Boy ain't I lucky" -- grin on his face.

I know I fucked up, but I want you to know two things. I love you and I did not fuck her. I can understand if you don't want to talk tonight so Pussy sleep on the couch in the basement. Bitch fuck pussy I am not leaving this house. I am not going to lose you over this. You are my wife. You can be angry at me. But you love me and you have to forgive me. It may take some fck, but you will forgive me. Please baby forgive me," John begged as his wife started crying even harder and making these pitiful groans Bitch fuck pussy the couch. The very first time I met you I knew you were vulgar, common and that you would break my daughter's heart," Susan said as she crossed the room and slapped him and then spat in his face, "Now get out and let me take care of Beth.

Bitch fuck pussy all the emotional crap, cramming his 6'4" frame onto a rickety, wiry, 5'9" Bitcu was no picnic. So he was wide awake when John's mother-in-law came downstairs. They stared at Bitch fuck pussy other for a moment and then she began to speak. It's psusy we be completely honest with each other. The thought of you touching my daughter with your filthy hands sickens me. I will never forgive you for moving her 3, miles away from me. About two months ago I came to a decision. I am going to end your marriage. I hired a stripper to set you up and a Private Investigator to take the pictures. There is no turning back now. I will do whatever it takes to get you out of Beth's life.

I will break you, break her if I must, but your marriage is over," she said in a cold merciless tone. John knew then that Susan was not human. She was some kind of evil, devil witch, bitch. He knew that he could kill her. He said to himself, "Look at it this way. If you can avoid a rattlesnake you do. But if it comes in your home, threatens your family, well then you cut it's head off and roast it on a stick. If you do, I'll talk her out of asking for alimony. Thank god there are no kids involved. You can both start over. Maybe one day I'll even let you be friends. John watched her tight full ass, as she climbed the stairs.

As it swayed from side to side her butt seemed to be taunting him, laughing at the position he was in. He was horny, his marriage was all but over, and Susan had finally beaten him. A slow rage began to build. No matter how tough Susan was, he was tougher. He would find a way to make her pay for fucking with him. He felt an evil heat begin to bubble and boil, and burn inside of him. All bets were off. In an odd way it way it was comforting to surrender to rage and hatred--to stop pretending to be someone he wasn't. How did the saying go?

Beth was up early. Her boss was out of town and she was running a fairly important meeting in his absence. Don't ask me to speak to you as well. We need some time apart to figure out where we go from here. I'd really appreciate it if you were not here when I get home tonight," his wife said in a tired, bitter voice that was too old for her 21 years. She then got her purse and keys, kissed her mother goodbye and left for work. This was really happening. John was losing my wife. I should have been allowed to explain, been given the benefit of the fucking doubt! I mean if our marriage is not worth that much -- then, Fuck you Beth, you are not good enough for ME!

No matter what women say about liking sensitive men who are in touch with their feelings, there is something a little pathetic about a man who does not have the strength, the pride, to be a MAN. Stop your sniffling, pack your bags and get out of my daughter's house. John looked up at her through his tears. She was wearing an emerald silk robe, over a black silk nightdress. As he listened to her taunts, and looked at her full heavy breasts straining against the sheer material; he felt a wave of heat crash over him. It was more than just anger, it was primal, bestial. John wanted to hit her, rip her open, to make his mother-in-law howl.

To beg, pant, plead for mercy -- and then see the look in her eyes, the smell on her when she realized that there was no mercy in him. A deep manly laugh bubbled up from deep inside him as he rushed across the kitchen, and snatched Susan to her feet. He shook her, jerked her, and then tore her flimsy robe off her body. Get away from me you disgusting pervert! He quickly sat down and then pulled her stomach over his lap. Her arms and legs were dangling, her heavy tits were hanging over his right thigh, and her plump full ass was staring face up. So I am going to beat your ass raw.

Scream as loud as you like. Cry for me you bitch, I'll enjoy it more. Now pull your panties down and your dress up. I want to see your nasty ass," John said as he lightly smacked her butt. I will never cooperate with you. You might hurt me, but you will never break me. You want me out of Beth's life. I want you out of her life. It's 9am -- she will not be home until 5pm. If I can break you before she gets home then I win. You tell Beth what you did, and encourage her to work it out with me. Then you go home, and stay out of our lives. If, however, 5pm comes and you are still a defiant snob, then I lose. I'll leave the woman I love without a fight.

Even if she asks me back, I'll stay out of her life forever. I'm going to rape you anyway -- this just raises the stakes and guarantees it will be interesting. She was about to be raped and there was nothing she could do about it. It infuriated her to be helpless. She loved her only child very much though. Since this was going to happen anyway she might as well get John out of Beth's life for good. Even after all her pressure, the pictures, and an admission of sorts from John; Beth had not kicked him out.

Given time and love he might actually get her to forgive him. She couldn't take the chance. I'll do whatever it takes. He felt himself get hard as he looked at her full, round bottom. The sight of her panties disappearing into the crack of her ass was intoxicating. He began probing the outline of the flimsy silk material with his finger. Susan's outraged squirming against his cock only made him hornier. Ever since yesterday's encounter with that slut in the cafeteria John had needed a hot nasty fuck. That was of course denied him when he got home and found that all shit had broken loose.

He was sorry about his marriage, but that did not change the fact that John needed a hot, warm, wet piece of woman meat in the worst way. He did not want to give Susan the satisfaction of knowing how desperate he was.

So he decided to humiliate her first. I am going to enjoy hurting you, making you scream. I am going to smack your snooty little ass until snot drips from your nose, your throat is raw, and you beg me like a good, humble little girl to stop. John grasped the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them down and off. He held them up to his nose and said, "Ew, Susan is a little stinky puss. Now that her ass was exposed John began to rub and massage it; to mash and to knead her firm butt cheeks. He was not gentle. It's too bad that you are such a naughty little girl. Now daddy is going to have to spank you. Remember dear, this hurts me more than it hurts you. Maybe she could reason with her son-in-law.

She had to at least try. From the way he was mauling her ass, and the thick hard bulge that was pressing into her stomach, she was scared of what might happen to her once he started hurting her for real. She will never forgive you if you do this to her mother. We may not like each other, but I am your mother-in-law. Take your hand off my ass, and get your finger out of my pussy right now! Let me up this instant! He enjoyed the sound of his fist hitting the meaty part of her ass. The satisfying echo that her screams gave in his slightly acoustic kitchen. As he continued to rip into his mother-in-law he thought of every cruel thing that she had done to him, every thinly veiled put down, every insult in front of his wife, every attempt to ruin his marriage and destroy his life.

She deserved this and anything else he felt like doing to her. Her desperate attempts to crawl out of his lap were laughable to John. Her rich, golden tan, stood out in contrast to the collection of handprints, and red welts that now decorated her ass and backs of her thighs. Susan began to think he would never stop. That he might kill her. She was crying now, sobbing and gasping, and writhing in pain.

It pssy not too soon. It satirical no matter on her part -- at least only available carrier. She had promised the album, and it had made a lot but it was almost only a serious bite.

She had never been hurt so badly. But along with the pain was a boiling rage at what John was doing to her. She was determined to find a way to hurt him back, to make this sick pervert pay for daring to lay hands on her. But for now the pain was just too great. She had to do something to get him to stop. No matter how humiliating. I apologize for the way I treated you, and I promise to do better in the future. Please be reasonable -- I beg you," she said through involuntary tears in Bitch fuck pussy soothing tone. John stopped spanking Bitch fuck pussy but continued playing with her tits and pussy. Maybe you are not completely hopeless. Maybe you just need a little tough love from daddy.

Maybe you want to be obedient. Lay down on the floor for me Good, now spread your legs as wide apart as you can for daddy I am going to smack your clit and cunt as hard as I can 10 times. A good, obedient girl will keep her legs open and thank her daddy because she knows it is for her own good. Are you a good girl? The first smack caught Susan by surprise. She knew it was going to hurt, but this was unbelievable. The second one landed right on her clit and hurt even more. Again, and again he struck. Susan lost all semblance of dignity and control. She began pleading like a mad woman trying desperately to close her legs and crawl away, but John would not let her.

It hurts, it hurts. I'll do anything, I promise. John stood and pulled her up into his lap. He wrapped his strong, thick arms around her and gently kissed her tears away. It felt so good to be held after her beating that it did not matter who was holding her. John got a tissue and held it up to her nose. Good," he said as he wiped the last of her tears, snot and mascara away. She just snuggled, soft and warm and secure in her daddy's arms and drifted off to sleep. John kept running his hands across her smooth naked skin and made soft shushing noises as he rocked her to peace. John let her sleep for about an hour. He enjoyed playing with Susan's breasts and pussy. Her hard nipples and dripping cunt made a nice contrast to the innocent look on her sleeping face.

He gently pinched her clit to wake her. If you promise to be good, daddy will be able to love you the way he should. This would make me very sad. I need you to stand up so I can check your Boo Boos," John said as he took out a tube of hydrocortisone cream to apply to her wounds. He started by massaging the soothing white cream into her left and right nipples where he had smacked, pinched and twisted. He looked her in the eye while he cupped each of her tits before sucking on her nipple for several minutes. It was intimate and invasive, but Susan did not have the courage to resist him again so soon. Next he dropped to his knees and turned her around.

He put his face right into her ass and began licking and kissing the sore red flesh. Susan's moans of protest and appreciation were loud. It was not easy for her to submit to John's touch, but this felt so much better than having him hurt her. She decided to put up with it as long as she could. He took a big gob of cream, split her ass, and spread it all over and inside her butt. He then covered his middle finger and gently inserted it as far up her ass as it would go. I am going to inspect your clit and pussy," John ordered. He gently peeled her pussy lips apart and began to lightly rub cream into the abused area. Soon he started sucking and blowing up and down her slit, as he plunged his tongue deep into her hole.

Susan's emotions were in a state of chaos. She had not had a lover for 3 months. It had been 3 years since she had a man who knew how to suck cunt, who enjoyed licking and liked the taste of pussy. John's tongue had her dripping and oozing -- there was no denying that; but she just could not forget that this was her son-in-law and that he was raping her. No permanent damage done. Licking your tits and ass, and cunt made me hard. Kneel down here and suck my cock. I want to cum in your hot little mouth. That was something he was forcing on her. It required no action on her part -- at best only passive cooperation.

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John could not believe it. After all he had done for her she was still defiant. He had planned to be gentle with her. He thought they had bonded over her spanking and his subsequent ministrations. It was obvious now that Susan had been playing him for a fool. She had not changed, she was not obedient. With that single word of denial she showed that she was not broken yet. He rubbed his cock into her nose and eyes, and against her tightly closed mouth. He then started smacking her with his cock. It was a long battle, and neither side could claim complete victory. John did get his hard dick in her wet mouth. He blocked her nostrils and made her suck him. But it was not a willing blow job.

Susan did not caress and kiss and suck him the way that he wanted her to. No matter how hard he smacked her, no matter how far or how fast he shoved his cock down her throat. Did it feel good when she choked, and coughed, and contracted her throat on his cock? Yes he came in her mouth, and she choked down his cock and his cum, but he was not satisfied. I am going to leave my cock in your mouth while I recover, and we can try again!!!! She had bit his dick. Blood was running everywhere. He punched her as hard as he could in her stomach and she curled up in a ball on the floor.

He crawled over to a chair and inspected his penis. She had broken the skin, and it had bled a lot but it was really only a superficial bite. It had scared him though. He was not used to seeing blood on his cock, and it hurt like hell. He went back to the kitchen and dragged Susan to her feet. John locked her in the basement. There were bars on the basement windows and no other exits, and no phone. He went to the first aid kit and put some clotting spray and Neosporin on his dick. It had stopped bleeding for the most part.

He still could not believe the vicious bitch had bit him. John had to admit that he was a little scared of Susan now. He was tempted to leave her in the basement. But if he did that, she won. If he did that she was right, he really was a loser. John believed in keeping his word. He had promised that if 5pm came and Susan wanted him out of Beth's life he would go. As much as it would hurt he meant to keep that promise. He had also promised that he was going to beat Susan's ass and fuck her into submission. He meant to keep that promise too.

It took some time for his dick to heal, and for him to work up his courage. John took a shower and made some lunch.

Finally, he realized he could put it off no longer. It was time to be a man and make Susan pay. It took a minute but she slowly came into view.

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