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Hot Comic-Con Babes (Cosplay)

Unfortunately, mine was the only comes hand that went up. But never once, in my aunts of attending, have I completed anything more sexual take place in of the privacy of a flexible room.

The term "HookupCon" has been bandied about for the past gsme years. You can bet that everyone who has attended DragonCon for at least two years has some story that begins with "Well I heard For instance, I heard this one girl kissed an alien. There's even photographic proof, above. I was curious if the staff of DragonCon knew about some of the rumors whispered about their convention, so I reached out to Dan Carroll, head of media relations. Anything goes at DragonCon -- you might see a xenomorph getting its freak on with Santa Claus Given the people I know and the circles they run with, I thought I'd dig a little deeper.

Game convention girls Sexy

So I had some of my friends in various circles give me a rundown of their experiences over the past some-odd years of attending after hours parties, events, and other activities that have contributed to a reputation of DragonCon being "HookupCon". I will not be using full names in this article, nor will I go into detail about the events that take place behind closed doors. If you really need this information verified, I would suggest exploring that part of your sexuality yourself, attending DragonCon, and experimenting a little. Otherwise, voyeurism ain't happening here. It's nerd Mardi Gras, time to let our freak flag fly.

She's attended the convention since I look forward to them all. I didn't stay overnight, I went during the day with some of my convention-going friends from high school, so I didn't really know about any of the nightlife. It wasn't until my third year attending, when I was 19, that I learned about what goes on after hours. A girl I knew from the few months I spent in college gave me a quick tour of some of the room parties taking place. I wasn't shocked at all. It made perfect sense to me. The people I attended the convention with, myself, the girl who was giving me my first nighttime tour of DragonCon We were all "freaks.

Control the "Death by Newcomers" title, that featured Judy from the famous Tekken clothes. One is more salacious. There's even unexpected corps, above.

It was only natural that convemtion would convfntion and people would act on them. But never once, convenfion my years of attending, have I giels anything openly sexual take place outside of the privacy of a closed room. As the great folks from DragonCon TV show Sfxy in this videoattendance has been growing at an exponential rate throughand according to the official DragonCon statisticsexploded from roughly 30, in conventon over 46, in -- and they project well over 50, this year. That sudden appearance of "everyone" had a dramatic impact on the nighttime culture of DragonCon. The culture of acceptance among geeks, coupled with the inherent nature of geeks to share what they love with anyone who is interested and the spreading of geek culture into mainstream culture has opened wide the doors of almost every convention.

With that come the folks who, in years past, weren't very interested in conventions. I was on the receiving end of a lovely back rub when my phone rang. It was my friend, Pillow Boobs don't ask. This is more important! Now get over to my room! Pillow Boobs made a noise somewhere between a giggle and a gurgle. Picture if you will: The voyeur in me was in hog's heaven. The only thing that could have topped that moment would have been if I was getting laid at the same time Stop gawking and close the door! The Guy turned his head to look at us. His hand never broke stride. We all quietly declined. I can't speak for the others. I just knew that I wasn't entirely sure that I wanted my hand on some random guy's junk.

Pillow Boobs waved me over to sit next to her. Caleb was taking questions. Gothy Gamer had pulled out his guitar.

I still hadn't decided if I was excited or grossed out. While I made up my mind, Pillow Boobs described how Gothy Gamer had gake into Caleb while walking around the convention center. While chatting, Caleb mentioned his dream and Gothy Gamer had volunteered his hotel room and its occupants. I guess Caleb really wanted someone to give him a hand because he once again asked if there were any sexually open people in the room. Pillow Boobs raised my hand for me. Thankfully my hand wasn't the only one that went up. Unfortunately, mine was the only female hand that went up.

Conventioj ambled it's the only word I can think of over and offered his penis to my hand. Just in case I needed assistance, a kind soul doused his penis with lotion. It's downtime at an anime convention and I'm in my friends' hotel room debating whether to give a stranger a handjob. Gothy Gamer was playing flamenco music on his guitar. I grabbed the penis. Caleb added more lotion. It didn't feel like a penis anymore at that point. In walked Big Bro and a couple of people I knew from the anime group. Big Bro's eye grew wide. I gave him sheepish smile. My hand never stopped moving.

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