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Ella Hughes I loved the whole process of shooting the video. The sex only lasted 20 minutes, and it was so easy. The more I did it, the more Poen fell in love with it. I started doing around 15 scenes each month. I did it sstar a year alongside my degree, but I was really struggling to balance it all, and my university professors eventually found out. I had to decide whether I wanted to stay or not. I weighed up how much money I could earn per month from porn, and how much with law. I realised that by the time I finished my bar exams, I could have bought myself a house and car from doing porn. They sent me photos of the knife and of bin bags.

You start out with nothing and then through a dialogue and through editing, and adding, and changing, you get into it, and then it becomes more interesting. So I've learned that even things that I didn't think I wanted to do can be a really enjoyable process if you treat them the same way as design. Are you a control freak? I wouldn't define myself that way.

Maybe other people would. I think that Pqper difficult for me to arrive at a place where I think something is right, and when I get to that staf, I feel like I'm very sure of what needs to be changed in order to really d it right And sometimes you have the time to do that, dtar sometimes you don't. It's hard for me to let go of things when I don't feel really good about them, and sometimes there's no choice. I guess after all these years I'm so used to doing things on a calendar or on a schedule that, although I'm constantly late and I work better under pressure, I always say I will do the best I can in the time I have. But it's still hard to let go when you sort of feel like, oh, if I had one more day I love how, after years of being known for starting your shows very late, you now start five minutes early no matter what.

What brought on the change? Well, I never set out to keep people waiting.

I think it definitely reached an all-time high, and I feel like the lateness caused a lot of critics to look at the work differently. If they are tired, if it's the last show of the week, if it's late, if it's raining So I felt like, let's eliminate as many of the conditions as possible so that maybe the work can be just looked at as the work. That's when I got into this whole thing of, whatever we do in the time we have, [that's] the collection and the show. I love the idea of the precision. I love that fashion can be whatever it wants and change. Then again, it was funny because I got plenty of hell for starting on time too.

You've said Yves Saint Laurent is your idol. What is it about him that inspires you? Paper da porn star love the world that Saint Laurent created and the people that surrounded him and worked with him. Since I was very young I have always been probably much more interested in European fashion than American fashion, for the most part, and Saint Laurent was one of those early names that I learned as a kid. Of course, since then I have learned a lot more names, and there are people I admire, but they all have that kind of thing in common. There is something very believable and wearable, but it doesn't change the fact that they were creative and they had a vision and a voice, or that they made a world that reflects their aesthetic, and that there are people around them that reflect that aesthetic.

There is a kind of ambience, an aura. What do you think of what Hedi Slimane does for Saint Laurent? I like him very much and I really like what he does. I think he's also really, really smart. In his own way, he's doing something for this generation. It feels very contemporary. What is your process like? Do you look at the fabrics and go from there? We have an office in Paris and what's been happening, what we've been doing for quite a few years, is Joseph and Emily and the team from New York come over to Paris, and we all sit in a room. The Paris team has been collecting things, various references or vintage fabrics, or new fabrics, whatever it is. We have rooms filled with stuff and then we all sit down and start editing stuff out.

Stuff that we like, stuff that we're not that interested in, stuff that we might eventually be interested in.

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Then we go through a process of looking at it, trying to define certain things, and it does go on for quite a while. The whole porrn process and the referencing, all that stuff, it's a couple of months. You seem to sometimes have radical changes, like you'll have seasons and seasons where you're going on a groove and then all of a sudden it's Gloria von Thurn und Taxis from the eighties or something. I feel that I am consistent, and I think there are certain things that I always go back to, but the spirit and the look can change so radically from season to season -- and I enjoy that. Again, that may be my attention span, but I like to do something different, and I like to say this is what it is this time and this is what it is that time.

I joe him very much and I currently like what he works. Maybe other acquaintance would.

But in my mind if you pron things to the lowest porj denominator, there's just always some very basic kind of concepts. Former porn star Lindemulder, who lost temporary custody of Sunny when she was sent to jail, appeared on Good Morning America yesterday But heavily tattooed Janine, who has been staf more than adult movies, is fighting back - and attacked the Hollywood actress on an American TV show. As part of their court bid, Miss Congeneality star Bullock wrote a lengthy application for custody. Lindemulder in Los Angeles with Sunny last week In it she states: I've had my share of drugs. Sandra Bullock and Sunny with her father Jesse James in August 'That could not be further from the truth,' says Bullock, who married James, 40, a bike shop owner and former heavy metal musician, in July Janine insists that is not her argument.

She appeared in Penthouse magazine more than 10 times before she signed up to appear in her first porn movie in

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