Pantyhose with reinforced heel

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Pin Up Girl LARGE Sheer Reinforced Heel Toe RHT VINTAGE Stockings Sze 10.5 Beige

It is radical, but it can be pampered an appearance that is charged or going-dull. Pantuhose Fingerband A degrading area below the semi often on earth through armrests of tights, moroccan to give dubbed strength in the person likely to be able during the most part. Covering the Lycra researchers the halloween and handling characteristic.

It can also be produced to give different texture and appearance. Patterned - Hosiery that has a pattern. Plain Top - The top of the stocking or hold up will be plain with no fancy decoration or lace. Point Heel — Also known as a French heel, a pointed reinforcement on the back of the heel area on seamed hosiery.

Mend is sometimes used liberally of the libra nylon in pantyhose scissoring declarations. The use of Lycra in fact includes counselors and social tops.

Queen Size — Sizing for larger sizes. Considered Pantygose be an extension of the standard size range, rather than fuller-figured, which is considered a separate category. The heel and toe area will appear slightly darker. Reinforced — Describes parts of a garment that have been strengthened to give extra durability. Ribbed — Often in the form of vertical patterns of alternating ridges. The design may iwth formed by differences in yarn weight, knit stitch or opacity. Run-Resist — A method reinfkrced hosiery manufacture that means damage does not normally result in hesl. Sandal Toe - This means that the toe area is identical to the rest of the leg, with no colour difference or visible reinforcement.

Ideal if you are wearing open toe sandals. Seamed - This means there is a seam running down the back. This can be purely cosmetic and decorative i. Semi-Boarded — A manufacturing process that improves the presentation of the finished article. After dying, the hosiery is pulled over equipment and subjected to heat. This procedure removes creases and gives the hosiery a smoother appearance prior to packaging. Semi-Opaque — Hosiery that ranges between sheer and opaque. Hosiery within the denier range of usually falls within this category. Shadow Toe — A type of reinforcement that offers less of a visual difference in the density of the fabric, but still offers durability.

Sheen — A surface appearance that gives iridescence or a slight lustre. Sheers — Generally refers to hosiery within the ranges of denier. Sheer to waist - Tights that have the same sheer finish all the way up to the waist, with no reinforcement around the panty area. This style compliments mini skirts or dresses with a high slit. Shiny — Hosiery that is made with trilobal or flat yarns that reflect the light. This has the appearance of a very shiny look on the leg. Silicone Top —Most hold ups have an elastic band sewn to the top that is backed with silicone on its inner surface. This ensures the hold ups stay in position because of the elastic and the friction of the silicone against the skin.

The silicone can become ineffective by contact with body lotions, oils and talcum powder, as they all reduce the friction of the silicone. Slight Sheen — A look that gives a slight reflection of light that evens out the appearance of the colour on the leg. It can give the impression of a touch of moisture on the leg. This is due to the use of filaments that are less shiny and softer. Soft Shine - Hosiery that has a subtle shine. Not as shiny as gloss, but a definite sheen. Stockings — The modern term definition - a close-fitting garment covering the foot and leg. Available in a range of deniers, colours and styles. Tights — A one-piece garment that covers from waist to toe and includes a range of deniers.

Thread Pull, Snag — This occurs when the hosiery is damaged, usually by contact with something rough a surface or a fingernail. Individual filaments or the whole yarn can be pulled away. Small imperfections are often called snags or threads. In severe cases the pulled thread can cause damage to the fabric and result in laddering. Torque — A type of nylon yarn that has been processed to give a high level of twist. This gives a yarn with some recovery, but without bulk. A style made from these yarns is sometimes called Voile.

Fabrics made from torque yarns have excellent sheerness for their denier and a bright surface appearance. Fingerband A reinforced area below the waistband often on sheer through styles of tights, designed to give added strength in the area likely to be stressed during the fitting process. The band reduces the chance of the wearer's fingers damaging the hosiery during fitting. Finishing loop The distinctive hole in the welt of a fully fashioned stocking. It's needed to allow the needle sewing the seam to be withdrawn.

Fishnet An open net structure produced on specialist "weft" knitting machines. French heel See Point heel. Fully fashioned This refers to stockings that are knitted flat on vintage machinery, and then sewn up the back with a genuine seam and finishing loop. Genuine fully fashioned stockings are now very rare but much sought after. Garter belt See suspender belt. Girdle Foundation wear garment that gives shape to the waist and bottom while at the same time holding up stockings. Genuine classic girdles are still made today by Rago and Stockings and Romance. Graduated compression A prime requirement for correctly made support or compression hosiery is that the level of compression varies along the length of the leg.

The maximum value is at the ankle with a progressive reduction through calf to thigh. This is of medical importance in promoting blood flow back to the heart. Gusset Piece of fabric sewn into the body section of the tights to improve the levels of fit, comfort and durability. Hold-ups Term given by Pretty Polly to self supporting stockings. Never registered, it is now regarded as the generic name for stockings that stay up without the use of a suspender belt, usually with the help of silicone bands which help them stay in place on your thighs.

Hosiery Defined as "knitted covering for the feet and legs". A general term covering tights, stockings, socks etc. Hosiery gloves Thin often cotton gloves which can be worn while putting on sheer hosiery to help reduce the risk of snags from rough skin on the hands. Kite gusset A type of gusset sewn into the body section of tights to give greater extensibility in order to fit the larger hip sizes more comfortably. Knee highs Also known as pop socks.

Reinforced heel with Pantyhose

Hosiery which comes up to the knee. Ladder A failure in the knitted fabric construction. A broken yarn or mis-formed stitch causes the loop to collapse into straight lengths of yarn running in a vertical line up and or down the garment. Lycra Pqntyhose is Du Pont's reinforrced trade mark for elastane fibre. It is a man-made fibre that can be hrel in a range of deniers and different types. The chief characteristic of Lycra is its ability to stretch up to five times its original length and recover totally.

By controlling the tension of the Lycra in Pantyhose with reinforced heel, the strength of its elasticity can be controlled. Lycra can be used in its bare form i. This is the most economical, but is not suited to all applications. Alternatively, Lycra can be Pantyhosr covered" or "double covered". Covering increases the thickness and changes the handle characteristics of the yarn. It also adds to the yarn's durability and costs. It is also possible to mix Pantyhosee and Lycra together by air jet, as an alternative to covering. These are known as air intermingled yarns and are widely used in support stockings and tights. Lycra 3D is reinforxed result of new technology which transforms the way hosiery looks and behaves.

With Lycra 3D, Lycra is knitted into every course giving a supremely smooth and comfortable fabric with stretch in all directions and a second skin fit. Wearers will experience the exceptional comfort of Lycra 3D hosiery and the clear, even colour coverage of the legwear. The unique softness and silkiness is apparent the moment the product is taken out of the pack. Microfibre A yarn made up from large numbers of fine filaments to produce exceptionally soft characteristics. Micromesh A type of knit construction incorporating tuck stitches usually in a diagonal configuration to give improved durability characteristics. Nylon Nylon is a polyamide yarn.

It is a man-made fibre, made from basic ingredients originating from the petrochemical industry. Nylon is naturally bright but can also be de-lustred to give a duller appearance. It can also be produced in differing cross-sections which give different handles and appearances. One piece Tights knitted as a complete garment to eliminate or reduce the seaming process required using traditional methods. Opaque Garment made from higher denier yarns typically 40 denier and above to give opacity. Pantyhose Rather over-literal term for tights, as used in the USA and certain other countries. Mind you, Americans call curtains drapes. Plain knit A weft knitted fabric in which all the loops are intermeshed in one direction.

It is often referred to as smooth knit because of the uniform surface of this fabric. Point heel Also known as a French heel, it's the type of heel on a fully fashioned stocking whereby the reinforced part tapers off to a point, helping to accentuate the length and shape of the leg. Polyamide The chemical name given to a class of man-made fibres. An alternative generic name for nylon. Polyamide is sometimes used instead of the word nylon in fibre content declarations. Pop socks See Knee highs. Reciprocated heel Applied to the system for knitting a pouch or shaped heel on a circular knitting machine. Whilst knitting the heel the normal rotary motion of the machine converts to a forwards, backwards repetitive motion - hence the name.

A common feature of sock machines, the reciprocated heel on fine hosiery is now fairly rare. Modern yarns will accommodate the shape of the foot so the expensive and complex process was abandoned by all but a few manufacturers.

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