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Progression of pubic hair growth can be seen on the right.

The labia majora have fewer superficial nerve endings than the rest ,ops the vulva, but the skin is highly vascularized. The labia minora become more elastic, prominent, pusay wrinkled. Similar to how some women develop self-esteem issues from comparing their faces and bodies to airbrushed models in magazines, women who compare their vulvas to idealized pornographic images may believe their own labia are abnormal. If testes are formed, they begin to secrete androgens that affect the external genital development at about week 8 or 9 of gestation.

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Viewing pornography may influence a woman's Spreqd of her genitals. The labia minora are sexually responsive, [7] and sensitivity varies greatly between women. The labia may be sexually stimulated as part of masturbation or with a sex partnersuch as by fingering or oral sex. The labia minora become less prominent.

The fourchette is more prominent in younger women, and often recedes after sexual activity [2] and childbirth. Labial adhesions can occur between the ages of 3 months and 2 years, and may make the vulva look flat. The labia are one of a woman's erogenous zones. The outer surface of the labia majora is pigmented skin, and develops pubic hair during puberty. Both the inner and outer surfaces of the labia majora contain sebaceous glands oil glandsapocrine sweat glandsand eccrine sweat glands. The inner surface of the labia majora is smooth, hairless skin, which resembles a mucous membrane, and is only visible when the labia majora and labia minora are drawn apart.

Because the male and female parts develop from the same tissues, this makes them homologous different versions of the same structure.

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At the end of puberty, pubic hair will pjssy coarse, curly, and fairly thick. They contain many sebaceous glands, and occasionally have eccrine sweat glands. The labia minora obsolete: The labioscrotal swellings become the labia majora in females, or they fuse to become the scrotum in males. In many cases, public exposure is limited, and often prohibited by law.

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