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Milking his mliking booty with every once of my area as he loved that viaduct to me. Roughly I true coached him to waste me from the random as I blurred his big booty and began it up and down for him as I got it pretty and screening. I unlocked their front door and became through the app to the canine to were the reports were.

It shocked me, miliing I didn't straighten up right away. He was lapping at my pussy now and I closed my eyes and thought how this felt so good. I came to my senses after a moment and thought that this was so wrong.

I stood up and pushed his head away from me. I must have been giving off some scent he liked because he continued to try to get back to my naked pussy. I was trying to get back to the door of the house when one of the puppies tripped me and I fell down. I rolled to my hands and knees and started to get up. My robe had ridden up over my hips leaving my ass exposed. I was catching my breath to get back up when I felt the big males tongue on my hairy pussy lips. He was spreading them open trying to get deeper. His tongue would rub across my clit which was swelling up. I knew I should get up and away but I hesitated. That was a big mistake.

I was lost in the feeling when he stopped. I thought he was done so I started to get up. Suddenly I felt this huge weight land on my back knocking me back down. He was on top of me with his front legs wrapped around my waist. I could barely support his lb plus weight with both my arms so I couldn't reach to push him off. It didn't register to me right away when he was doing until I felt it. His hot dripping dog cock was poking me between my legs. He was trying to mount me. I paniced and thought of crying out for help but didn't because this was so embarrassing. I was hoping he would give up and get off me. My pussy was wet from his licking and maybe a little from me enjoying it.

He was very determined and finally got the tip of his cock into the entrance of my pussy. Once he felt my heat he quickly shoved most of his cock inside me. I couldn't believe how big he was and he wasn't even all the way in. He grabbed my waist tighter and shoved more in. He was much thicker and a lot longer then my husband. The feeling of his naked cock inside me was incredible. I hadn't had one in there this size in quite awhile, plus his was so much hotter. He started fucking me faster then any man. I felt the tip of his cock deep inside me touching my cervix. I felt an orgasm building and tried to hold it back. A dog was fucking me, I shouldn't be enjoying this should I?

I decided to just let go and let things happen. Just as I started to cum I felt something hard and big banging into my pussy lips. My orgasm washed over me and I actually started pushing back on whatever it was. My hips were grinding my clit on it when I opened up more and it went inside me. This caused another orgasm deep inside my pussy and I clamped down on him. The spasms inside my cunt slowed down and I felt it now. Somehow he was swelling up bigger inside me.

The switches knew me well and even though the area was really big I wasn't available of them. The mixer and lovely of all this made me even more grounded.

He was getting bigger and bigger and I was getting a little scared. I knew what it was now. He had shoved his knot in me and it was swelling up to lock us together. It was of such a size now that I knew it wasn't coming out. Male dogs were equipped like this so their seed had a better chance of staying inside the female. That's what I felt next, his seed shooting deep inside me. It was hot and there was a lot of it. He was so deep inside me I thought he might actually have gotten his pointy tip past the entrance of my uterus. He was in my womb, my fertile Teen milking to dog because I was ovulating.

Surely I couldn't get pregnant, not from a dog. I knew he was potent because his mate had just had puppies. The risk and thrill of all this made me even more excited. We were locked up tight and he threw his leg over me positioning us butt to butt. He pulled slightly and he couldn't come out. His magnificent cock was still spurting deep inside me. My robe had come open and my big tits were hanging down. With his weight off of me I reached up with one hand and pulled on Teen milking to dog nipple. They were very sensitive and with his knot pressing on my G-spot I closed my eyes. I felt a warmth deep inside my breasts as I pulled on my long nipples.

Milk started to flow from them squirting onto the grass below me. I let go of them and rocked back and forth on his cock. I felt something touch my nipple. I looked down and saw one of the puppies first lick it then take my nipple into it's mouth. I guess they were drawn to the scent of my milk. They puppy was getting some from me because it didn't let go. Soon another puppy waddled over and took my other nipple into it's mouth to suck. There I was, breastfeeding two Doberman puppies with their dad's huge cock stuck in my pussy.

Their little puppy teeth would nip me now and then sending a shock through my breast. Their dad was still inside me and I could feel his load cause my lower belly to swell. He pulled again on where we were joined but it wasn't ready. I had no idea how long we had been locked together. Surely he would shrink back down so he could get out. I started to cum from his licking. It was so hard as the cum started to shoot from my pussy as I ejaculated my fluids. He lapped at me even more, licking my cum as it covered both is tongue and my thighs. I had never cum so much or so hard in my life as I did then. With his tongue licking at my slit and me cumming over and over again, I noticed his cock had gotten so big.

It was about 9 inches long and so big around. I knew he wanted to put it somewhere and I knew just the place. I eased myself to where my ass was just on the bed as I brought him up to me, putting his paws on each side of me as I reached for his big cock. I felt the hot doggie dick in my hands as I guided it to my waiting pussy. I was so wet and it slipped right in to my surprise. I felt the huge head as it slipped further into my cunt, spreading me so wide as it slid deeper. It was huge and it felt so damn good as I wrapped my legs around his haunches, trying to take more of his big cock. I could feel each inch as I pushed deeper inside me, making my pussy tingle with his hot cock.

I looked down to see his cock buried in me as he hit my sweet spot, causing me to cum once again. The feeling of his big cock against my sweet spot caused me to cum every time he hunched that big doggie dick to me. I was cumming so much as I felt his cock going even deeper into my hot cunt. His cock head grew so big inside me as I felt the head swell up and knew the knob on the end had grown so huge. I knew exactly what was happening as I felt the big knot swelling inside my hot pussy. It just mad me cum that much more as the big head filled my cunt. I could feel the knob as it grew so large inside me, hitting my sweet spot and keeping me cumming over and over as that hot cock just sort of stuck there.

I was working my pussy to him. Milking his big cock with every once of my strength as he slammed that cock to me. I knew that when he came his cock would go down as I fucked him a little faster now. Sure enough, I felt his cock as it pounded inside me, starting to swell as it throbbed. It felt so good as his cock throbbed in my pussy, getting ready to pump his cum to me. I felt it as he started to cum, the huge knob pounding at my womb as it started to erupt his load of cum. I felt the heat from his cum as it coated my insides, making me cum each time the head shot a wad of cum into me.

He was so full of cum as his doggie cock pumped his hot juices to me. I could feel the head as it relaxed while he spurted his hot doggie cum deep within my burning pussy as his knot became smaller in me.

Milking to dog Teen

I was loving this!! This was the first time and I knew there would be lots of other times. A week or two later I decided I needed another dog to keep him company. That is when I got the second French Shepard.

He vog was large and had ot cock as big as Enzo. I named him Cassidy. Enzo and I had to teach him what to do as he would watch Enzo fucking me and knew he was suppose to do something. Then I decided that I was going to teach them to fuck both my pussy and my ass at the same time. I lay Enzo down and got his cock hard as I guided him to my dripping pussy. Then I finally coached him to mount me from the rear as I took his big cock and jacked it up and down for him as I got it good and hard.

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