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Seriously, Science?

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How do you use withdrawal? Pee after every ejaculation from sex or masturbation to clear out any sperm that may be pse behind. This can reduce the risk of your pre-cum getting someone pregnant. Pre-cum is the drop of clear fluid that comes out of your urethra pee hole when you start to get aroused turned on. How do you get started using withdrawal?

Ped you get started, here are some things to consider: When pulling out, you may have to stop suddenly. You will need to negotiate with your partner that you will both cu okay to stop having sex in order to pull ;ee. Where to put semen cum: If you have used withdrawal but are still concerned about pregnancy, emergency contraception is an option for up to 5 days after sex. Ask your clinician about buying an emergency method like Plan B Is cum pee have ready for the future. To use withdrawal, your partner must be able to trust you to do this to reduce any anxiety or stress about an unplanned pregnancy.

What are the side effects of withdrawal? There are no side effects with using withdrawal. John Yeah, its important to be clear about our terms. A lot of people think the pee squirt is ejaculate. And they are wrong. The squirt is pee. Veronica Monet Unfortunately you are not taking into consideration retrograde ejaculation where the fluid produced in the female prostrate is stored in the bladder for ejaculation. This is also something these particular researchers failed to take into consideration. But fortunately, they are just one set of researchers. There is plenty of research which negates their conclusions. Most people who want to believe otherwise just want to live in denial.

Sometimes its a matter of shame, which is unfortunate. There is no reason to be ashamed of peeing upon orgasm. Maxim Beilinson Ricardo Talhadas You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about my friend. Have you ever smelled stale urine in an enclosed space before? My current girlfriend is a squirter and believe me, it goes everywhere and is impossible to clean it all up. After we have sex our bed is literally soaked but after it dries there is absolutely no odor left behind, that would not happen if it was urine she was secreting.

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Maybe before people comment about ckm they know oee about, they should learn how to please a woman and see the difference between the two fluids for themselves. John Is cum pee have absolutely no idea the many ways you have failed to pde about the limited evidence you have, and despite your claim I am definitely not friends with you. Zehra Rehan You mean to say that squirt is urine? We passes the urine during sex which we think that ejaculates?? I always had a sex and never ejaculates. TinyLikeADormouse There is a lot of study and discussion about it. Which of course is important for scientific reasons.

Just enjoy your sexual experiences, if it feels good its good. As for doing it, I think it requires heavy g-spot combined with clitoral stimulation. From my own experience and talking with others both male and female it is not urine although at times urine can escape under intense pressure.

Catherine Yes, track you. That is all so hard.

It comes from another location other than the urethra, lower and from both sides. The skines and bartholin glands. Pse is clear and slippery and I have been told tastes nothing like urine. Frank Netter MD has created some fabulous medical anatomy charts showing where the ejaculate exits the female body. Some of it exits the urethra but some of the ejaculate exits through the ducts on either side of the urethra. Catherine Yes, thank you! Mine is thru ducts on both sides. I can see it!

John Morris News to me. News to a lot of doctors as well. Are some doctors now claiming that there are glands that empty fluid out of the female urethral opening. Can you refer me to a modern medical book that has this information in it? Because this would change our complete understanding of female anatomy. If you could send me the links for this information I would be very grateful. Yes these glands glands exist and they are where you say they are — no argument there.

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