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He macos Nuddity we should be required about it, although he makes have some pieces: As their guests we start suit. Beg my life stories mind our holiday prostitution?.

If they look appalled — go no further. But encouraging four young teenagers to join in is a different matter entirely.

ggirls We have always tfen on well — although we did have to become accustomed to their ways: I wouldn't be happy taking them, if they were my daughters. I do not want to fall out with our friends any more than I want to give up what has become one of the high points of each year. Dear Katy, You are four consenting adults and if you want to go skinny-dipping and dance around naked drinking night-caps in the privacy of your own villa, that is totally your own business. Will my teenage daughters mind our holiday nudity?

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As their parents, you probably already have a sense of how Nidity girls would respond to the situation. However, it isn't my choice — it is yours. Just be prepared to have another excuse for next year, as he might just ask again. Every week our relationships expert, Sarah Abell, answers readers' questions on emotional issues.

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As their guests we follow suit. Now that I have overcome my initial embarrassment I find it quite liberating and an enjoyable form of escapism, although my husband jokes that it's all because our host likes to see a lot of his guests. You have your answer. We have a night-cap either in the pool or beside it and might even play some music and dance a little. They are your daughters and you know them best. But there are two other teenagers and the other adult couple, the husband of which seems to have a reputation for ogling female guests.

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