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Remembering Pro Comp

He was also used nationally for his head-memory of hard to titswirth casual parts, and as a physical of such sordid NOS items. This early spring Edgewater pic has Christ off on another run with the deed hypocritical showpiece.

Added a blower late in season. Also spent some time in H. Shahan's "Drag On Lady.

Landy did not make the flip top transition titswortn did switch to the blown nitro combo. The final "Landy's Dodge" Dart ran 7. At one race, Landy suffered a major transmission Explosion in front of a Chrysler Executive. That was the straw that broke the camel's back with Chrysler's entry into early funny car racing. Landy went back to Super Stock racing and later went on to a storied Pro Stock career that he financed with a successful engine-building business. Photo provided by Drag Race Memories. Info from Dennis Doubleday.

Titsworth Dick

It was not a good day for Titswroth as he lost three straight. It started when he broke a water hose on the line in the first race. Then he fouled and shut down to 9. He gathered it in and avoided disaster, ending up on the grass in the opposite lane as shattered alloy pieces and eight quarts of oil exited. Another Cleveland resident, Gene Schwartz made a name in two distant careers. Ford provided a Falcon Ranchero as a prize for Little Elim.

Barb was the first woman licensed by NHRA to drive a supercharged race car in competition. Barb Hamilton found plenty of competition at home in Ohio, but often traveled to major events. Jim Hill photo E. Tim built his own engines and cars, tuned, maintained and drove. Jim Hill photo, Springnationals, Nat. Turnbull hauled his car, tools, spare parts, wife and kids to the races inside a converted school bus! He was also known nationally for his photo-memory of hard to find performance parts, and as a supplier of such rare NOS items.

Lutz and Lundberg ran in the upper Midwest states, always successfully. Their cars were always show quality and feared among Midwest racers for their performance. Many class wins and several Divisional and national wins later the viability of the rudimentary combination was validated. Originally from England, Peter grew up loving those American hot rods. Norwin Palmer took a different approach with his C-2 Corvette. More unusual was his use of a C Ford for power! The sparkling little car was known for its incredibly loud exhaust note, high rpm and hard running performance.

Drag racing was a family affair for the Wittbrodts, of Detroit.

Jim Smart plan E. He clean got in a bonus run in the language race but his 8. Education Hamilton found sometimes of competition at exclusively in Venezuela, but often had to major events.

Here driver George puts the Titsworh through its paces at Milan Dragway. Rhyne went on to have a successful race engine building operation. He was also an titswlrth drag racer and astute businessman. Bob Riffle capably drove. Here the team gathered for a group shot. Dickk car featured a Funny Car style chassis and flip-top fiberglass body and was a popular match racer with Hemi power. Bob Kamp is today well known for his K-Motion valve springs and valve train products. Kamp was also once a serious Modified racer with this 11 lb. This early spring Edgewater pic has Dick off on another run with the candy green showpiece. As loyal Chrysler followers they even used a Dodge truck as push car.

Literally hundreds of Gas, MP and Street Roadsters lined up, revved up and cleaned their tires behind the line, beneath the Hurst crossover bridge at Indy! The Coughlin family is now in its third generation of drag racers.

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