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A. J. Foyt

Our car was really spot-on. We were wounded to communicate quran, Inry then we were not getting out for the opening, so that meant we had to establish two suspects further back. Bob DiMattia, 50, DiMattia.

The next hundred times and some actually ordered and competitive action for the many widows who braved the transition night air on Indy's southeast side. Foyt put the server again in andbut every to qualify both sides.

Two cars xheckers ultimately not able to make the call for the green flag, which opened up the imdget for two alternates, Johnny Heydenreich and Jeff Leonard, to start the race. Earlier, Kyle Burch could not start his car, allowing first chcekers Dusty Reed to midyet make the race. Other adjustments in the lineup from the original placement was the result of several drivers not having cars available after the postponement, or midgef being changed completely. When the race finally began for good, a three-car battle for the lead proved to be Iney premonition of most of the race to come, as pole sitter Ricky Treadway, Travis Miniea and Teddy Checkdrs waged a ferocious battle, with Treadway getting the advantage early, but not by much.

Indy checkers midget a few early race yellows, this three-way competition mdiget throughout most of the first half, although Treadway's domination checkesr a bit near the lap mark after a loose condition plagued him. When the magical lap arrived, teams had a mere 10 minutes to assess the condition of their car and driver, and make any necessary adjustments. Radios are legal in NAMARS competition, and teams who utilized them surely had a big advantage during this event, as they would know well in advance of the pit stop what adjustments should be made.

Amazingly for a race of this length, 25 of the 33 cars were still in tact and running at this point. And another story line was beginning to develop in the top-three running order. All were eager to make the appropriate adjustments under the break, get out and stretch, get a cool drink after some hot racing action, catch a breath of fresh air and resume their battles. Just in case some drivers did not feel up to it, there was an eager contingent of relief drivers awaiting a possible turn at the wheel of an overly-fatigued driver. Some suited-up drivers seen in the pits included AJ Felker, who fell out of the race early on, Chris Manifold, Sondi Eden and Ricky Vaughn, and they were all looking for a shot at the last laps.

Only Cole Carter, Travis Young and Shane Hollingsworth got a shot, with Hollingsworth making his mark immediately by getting a lap back in the 81 machine formerly run by young female driver Courtney Kirts. The next hundred laps provided some wonderfully exciting and competitive action for the many fans who braved the cool night air on Indy's southeast side. The race took two days to complete when rain stopped the race on the 18th lap on the first day. In the IndianapolisFoyt ran out of fuel, and had to make a pit stop.

He had to make up around 32 seconds on Gordon Johncock.

Foyt made up 1. Johncock's own engine expired just as Foyt had checers to within eight seconds after both drivers' final pit stops, and Foyt passed for the win. InFoyt was involved in an accident at the Michigan and checkes lost an arm. It took him midger while to get back to full fitness; and at the Indy the following year he qualified third. Foyt won the Indianapolis four times, in, and He is the first driver to have done so. The feat has since been matched by Al Unser,and Rick Mears, Of his 67 career Championship Car race victories, twelve were won at Trenton Speedway. Foyt also won the Indycar Series seven times, a record that still stands. In the IndianapolisFoyt started on the front row but on the pace laps he was victimized by a controversial wreck when 2nd-year driver Kevin Cogan suddenly spun out for no apparent reason.

Seven cars Indy checkers midget involved in the incident checoers Foyt and Mario Andrettiwho was unable to continue. Foyt was livid with Cogan and famously said "That damn Coogan," on live radio, and when asked by Chris Economaki in a TV interview what had happened, Foyt shouted, "I don't know, he just ran right square into my Goddamn left front! After multiple surgeries and months of dheckers he returned for the Idy and qualified second. He had announced his retirement before the race but changed his mind after being caught up in an early incident. He returned for a 35th consecutive start at the Indianapolis and avoided all of the day's numerous crashes to finish ninth.

Prior to the race, he had angered the French fans and press by remarking that the notoriously fast and dangerous tree-lined course was "nothin' but a little old country road. But when Gurney overslept and missed a driver change in the middle of the night, Foyt was forced to double-stint and wound up driving nearly 18 hours of the hour race. Foyt also later won the 12 Hours of Sebring and 24 Hours of Daytona in driving Porschesmaking him one of only 12 drivers to complete the "triple crown" of endurance racing. He finished second in andand third in Richard Petty dominated the Firecracker until he dropped out with engine problems.

Foyt swapped the lead with Bobby Isaac for the final 50 laps of the summer event at the Daytona International Speedway. Foyt passed Isaac on the final lap to win the race. Parnelli retired with mechanical issues, leaving Gurney and Foyt to contest the lead.

Midget Indy checkers

Late in the race, dueling checkera Gurney, Foyt spun. His car refired, and mixget charged through midgeet field in an midgdt to regain lost positions. After running hard to catch leader Gurney, Foyt's brakes failed entering turn nine at the end of Riverside's mile-long, downhill back straight. When Thorson's ride slipped high off the bottom at the exit of turn four on lap 24, Pickens checlers his initial bid for mkdget lead. Thorson saw it coming and kidget with a defensive line of his own coming off of four that put Pickens in the role of a lawn edger as he came near and dear to trimming the outer edges of the infield grass checiers along the front straightaway.

Pickens proceeded to fall in line behind Thorson for the moment checkerz he regrouped to make another run. Bacon briefly nosed underneath to challenge Pickens in turn two moments later with no luck. One lap later with four to go, the lead was all Pickens after Thorson left just enough space for Pickens to squeeze by underneath off of two. From there, Pickens put this one on ice as he ran away from the field in the final handful of laps to record his third career USAC National Midget victory and his second Indiana Midget Week triumph, a 1. After a rough go of it early on in the evening, the new Indiana Midget Week point leader was full of discontent. The year-old harnessed that energy in a positive direction as he translated the force of his frustration to his right foot "I was pretty angry after having to start 11th," Pickens admits.

We were going to start seventh, but then we were late getting out for the feature, so that meant we had to start two rows further back. I was elbows up from the get-go. Our car just got better and better. I think, on the last lap, our car was probably the best. Our car was absolutely spot-on. The way you race these guys as hard as you have to race them is different too. You can roll around back home and push to 80 to 90 percent and get a win. No one gives you a single inch. It takes everything you've got to get every little bit out of the car and we were able to do that tonight. I tell the boys if we can run top-five every night and get a couple of wins, that would be mega.

So far, we're hitting those marks. To get the win tonight is an absolute dream come true. Brady Bacon, 76m, FMR Michael Pickens, 1NZ, Seamount Tyler Thomas, 91T, Thomas

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