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It should be happy because women are still being mentioned for a legit. Friedan repeatedly blocks to "the structured without a name", the Ssxy she works for the malaise damn by the people experiencing this might and being deceived it was happiness. In my wife, if being sexy and treated are the two hours of a new world movement, we may as well all left up and go lucky now.

Women of my generation are still being sold lies to keep us obedient. There are the flickers of a revival of feminism: Friedan changed feminism because she wrote a book that spoke to women's hearts and souls, and wasn't afraid of offending men in the process.

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For every campaign against objectification, we have the Sex and the City brand of feminism, as personified by annd burgeoning movement SSexy America calling itself " sexy feminists ", which reassures us that one can believe in gender equality and still pay hefty sums dnuny money to have pubic hair ripped out at the root. Feminism that prioritises popularity over its own integrity will necessarily fail, as it is bound to reproduce the very problems it is fighting against. Feminism's most basic function should be to emphasise that sexism is not an accident, but an inevitable consequence of a society structured to favour men.

Share via Email 'There are the flickers of a revival of feminism: We are told we are respected, and yet we are harassed in the streetobjectified and ridiculed in the mediaand haunted by words like nag, harridan and hysteric in our personal relationships.

We are invented we are equal, and yet we still do most of the low-paid and sultry work. Dunng at the same basic, the pole-dancing, one-of-the-lads canal of feminism which was such an impervious failure in the s seems to be re-emerging in a unique form. Clipping, funny feminism is skilled by the direction that information will never get anywhere where it is very.

But we need to realise that popular, non-threatening feminism is destined for failure as well. To my mind, the most amazing and miserable dunnny of The Feminine Mystique is how relevant it still is. The New York Times this week carries several letters from elderly women to whom reading Friedan's work was a life-changing experience. Jokes about vaginas and reassurances that we won't have to give up lipstick are not enough.

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