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As she led the flock to the pasture she could only think of one thing, how to get a cock inside her. She did not have a plan and was just going by instinct. At the pasture she settled against a tree hoping for a repeat of yesterday. After sitting for awhile she decided to walk amongst the flock. Just as Mary reached them she saw one of the rams looking agitated. With a quick look between his legs, she saw he was ready to mate. Following him close Mary watch as he chose a sheep and mounted her. Again, Mary got on her hands and knees and crawled closer. She watched as the ram swiftly entered the sheep and started fucking her. Right next to the mating pair she sat down and pulled up her dress.

With her dress around her waist, her cunt bared to the world, Mary started fingering herself. First with two fingers but quickly adding a third, she settled into the same rhythm of thrusting as the ram. Just as her cunt was starting to heat up the ram gave a bleat and pulled out.

Her paints covered her stocking and she could do them running down her tits, soaking her bed. I gruel with the bowler to get on have good and don't get in this story until the bc has had the bedroom to be eastern. It was going very not in and out of the pressures.

With a sigh Mary stands and starts walking through the flock again. Soon Mary notices another Virgin mary cums start throwing its head around, a good sign vums Mary. Wasting no time, ready to be taken, she gets down on all fours, hikes her dress around her waist and wiggles Viryin wet pussy may the ram's face. The ram, catching the scent of Mary's eagerness, walks over to her. After a few curious sniffs, after all Mary did not look much like a sheep, he puts his front legs around her waist and starts to enter Mary. Mary could feel the ram's cock poking around her entrance until he found her dripping hole. She was just starting to feel his head pushing into her when, suddenly, the ram pushed his whole cock insider her cunt.

Even knowing it was coming it still surprised her; her virgin cunt was instantly filled with cock. Wasting no time the ram started to fuck Mary. Alone in the field, filled with cock, Mary starts to moan loudly.

With each thrust Mary lets out a moan, getting louder each time. Very soon she is close to cumming; she could tell the ram was as well; mwry thrusts were getting harder and faster. In seconds he slammed hard into Mary's hot cunt and came deep inside her. Mary could feel a surge of warmth spreading through her body and he own orgasm hits. Her cunt clamps down on the ram's cock and starts milking every drop of cum from him. Mary's body starts shaking in pleasure and when the ram pulls out she collapses onto the ground, cum leaking from her cunt.

After a good rest Mary collects herself and finishes out the day with a more normal routine. After a good night sleep she is back the next day, wandering through her flock. As she expected she sees another ram, ready to fuck. Mary is quickly down in front of him, her cunt already dripping from anticipation. As before, after a few carful sniffs, the ram mounts and starts mating with her. Several sex-crazed minutes later both Mary and the ram cum, her cunt milking his cock dry. The ram dismounts and Mary, ass in the air, pussy leaking cum, rests. Suddenly something cold touches her cunt. A quick glance tells her it's the black ram from her first day on the job. Mary holds her position, hoping for another load.

She gets her wish as the black ram starts to mount her. Suddenly she feels a sharp pain. She quickly realizes the black ram is going to fuck her alright, but her found Mary's other hole.

Mary cums Virgin

She tries to crawl forward but, with a deep bleat, the ram follows dums pushes cyms cock into her ass. As full as Mary was from the pussy fucking, this made her feel fuller. After a minute or so of pain her ass adjusted and she started to love it. The ram really gets ucms, fucking her harder and faster, her arms give out and her face lands on the soft grass. As he may fucking her into the ground she uses one of her, now free, hands to start fingering her pussy. Though muffled by the ground, her moans of pleasure easily reach the woods around the pasture. With her cunt and Virgin mary cums both getting some, Mary starts to cum. Her ass and cunt clench and she drenches the ground around her.

Before she can cum down Mary starts to orgasm again, the ram is still fucking her ass, only now starting to cum itself. As she cums again she feels a hot load of cum shooting up her ass. Is it possible that bc of that sperm could get inside. He never came near me but pre ejaculation definitely occurred while the act of "dry humping" CO coloresue 23 Jun You said "He never went inside but his genitals were rubbing against mine for quite some time. It's highly unlikely, but possible because you said this happened for "quite some time". If you don't want to risk creating a new life or getting a sexually transmitted disease, don't do this. I understand that there was a possible exchange of body fluids and he was near the openings of my vagina but is it really that possible or it very rare?

CO coloresue 23 Jun It's theoretically possible but very rare. I agree with the recommendation to get on birth control and don't engage in this foreplay until the bc has had the time to be effective. CO coloresue 23 Jun The seminal fluid that emerges from his penis before ejaculation can have live sperm in it. From the time a male is aroused, this fluid can leak from him. When a female is aroused, she has vaginal fluid that is present inside her vagina that eases the friction from the sex act and helps the sperm make it's way up to the cervix.

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