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During the Fifteenth Summit, the Heads of State or Government emphasized the importance of maintaining the momentum through clear links of continuity between the work already underway and future activities assocciation recognized the need for SAARC to further strengthen its focus on developing and implementing regional and sub-regional projects in the agreed areas on a priority basis. They also renewed their resolve for collective regional efforts soouth accelerate economic growth, social progress and cultural development regiohal emphasized on regionsl issues like telecommunication, associatlon, climate assoociation, transport, poverty alleviation, science and technology, trade, education, food security and degional.

Cooperation in SAARC is based on respect for the five principles of sovereign cooeration, territorial integrity, cooperafion independence, non-interference in internal affairs of the member states and mutual benefit. It coordinates and monitors implementation of activities,prepares for and services assoiation, and serves as a channel of communication between the Association and its Member States as well as other regional organizations. Structure and Decision making process Decisions are taken on the basis of unanimity. Preparatory meetings aasociation held prior to the First Summit in Dhaka. The Foreign Secretaries in in Colombo and the Foreign Ministers in in New Delhi identified areas to promote regional cooperation.

The country hosting the Summit holds the Chair of the Association. To date Fifteen Summits have been held. The Sixteenth Summit will be hosted by Bhutan in April After consultations, the foreign secretaries of the seven founding countries—Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka—met for the first time in Colombo in April This was followed a few months later by a meeting of the Committee of the Whole, which identified five broad areas for regional cooperation. Later, transport; postal services; scientific and technological cooperation; and sports, arts, and culture were added to the IPA.

China and Japan were granted observer status at the same. Purposes The SAARC seeks to promote the welfare of the peoples of South Asia, strengthen collective self-reliance, promote active collaboration and mutual assistance in various fields, and cooperate with international and regional organizations. To date, 14 Summits have convened: The Council may also meet in extraordinary circumstances by agreement of Member States. Standing Committee of Foreign Secretaries The Committee provides overall monitoring and coordination, determines priorities, mobilizes resources, and approves projects and financing. It may meet as often as deemed necessary but in practice normally meets twice a year and submits its reports to the Council of Ministers.

The Standing Committee is assisted by a Programming Committee, an ad hoc body, comprising senior officials, to scrutinize the Secretariat Budget, finalize the Calendar of Activities, and take up any other matter assigned to it by the Standing Committee. Its role is to coordinate and monitor the implementation of SAARC activities, service the meetings of the association and serve as the channel of communication between SAARC and other international organizations. The Secretariat comprises the secretary-general, seven directors, and the general services staff.

The secretary-general is appointed by the Council of Ministers on the principle of rotation, for a non-renewable tenure of three years. Member states continued to stress the importance of achieving a Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism. The 15th Summit will be held in the Maldives in The agenda was dominated by issues of terrorism and the trafficking of humans and drugs.

Ministers adopted a nine point resolution to fight terrorism and drug trafficking in the region by expediting the existing SAARC mechanism and sharing information and experiences among member states. Ministers discussed steps taken by member countries to implement two SAARC conventions related to terrorism and drug abuse, as well as methods to execute the Additional Protocol on the Financing of Terrorism. They also approved three major trade-related agreements along with a draft of the Dhaka declaration, to be signed by leaders at the upcoming summit. The summit dealt specifically with areas such as poverty alleviation, economic cooperation, counter-terrorism, disaster management, and the implementation of SAFTA.

China and Japan were accorded observer status. Member countries adopted the point Dhaka declaration aimed at focusing regional cooperation in South Associaton to accelerate growth and progress. They expressed their determination to unite in their efforts to prevent and combat terrorism, noting United Nations Security Council Resolution in this regard. They also emphasized the need for an early conclusion of a Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism.

Association cooperation regional south Asian

Member states agreed to strengthen their cooperation in important areas such as exchange of information, coordination, and cooperation among their relevant agencies. Leaders expressed satisfaction at the ratification of the Additional Protocol to the SAARC Convention on Suppression of Terrorism by all member states and called for establishing effective mechanisms for its implementation. Recognizing the specific vulnerability of the sovereignty and independence of small states, they resolutely committed to protect the interest and security of these states through the pursuit of appropriate policies and actions. Member states siuth participated in bilateral talks sokth the coopeartion of the summit.

The Protocol was designed to strengthen the Convention "by criminalizing the provision, collection or acquisition of funds for the purpose of committing terrorist acts" and by increasing efforts to prevent the financing of terrorism. Specifically, it encourages States to hold individuals or groups that have committed terrorist-related offenses liable domestically, and to implement practical measures and adapt domestic legislation to prevent and suppress terrorist financing. The Ministers also adopted several other documents, including the final draft of a document establishing a South Asian Free Trade Area and a Social Charter.

At the Summit, leaders addressed means of increasing regional cooperation in the areas of economics; poverty alleviation; science and technology development; social, cultural and environmental issues; and terrorism prevention. It will enter into force 30 days after the final instrument of ratification is deposited. Furthermore, counter- terrorism was a major topic addressed in the Summit Declaration. Heads of State and Government condemned terrorist violence in all forms and stated that terrorism continues to be a major threat in South Asia, as well as a challenge to all States worldwide. With Pakistani Foreign Minister Khurshid Kasuri serving as chairman, the Ministers reviewed progress made in implementing decisions reached at the January Summit, including counter-terrorism efforts, and continued preliminary preparations for the 13th annual summit in They also engaged in discussion regarding poverty alleviation; financial cooperation; and energy, environmental; and social issues.

They approved plans of action in some of these areas.

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Among other topics, the ministers discussed implementation of the SAARC Regional Convention on Terrorism, stressing assofiation significance in light of recent developments. They additionally issued recommendations on a range of other topics to the 11th Summit. In the Summit declaration, the Heads of State or Government were of the view that stability, peace, and security in South Asia should be promoted together with efforts to improve the global security environment.

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