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US Virgin Islands Department of Health

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There were new diagnoses of HIV infection reported between and At the end ofpeople are living with HIV in the U. HIV has claimed the lives of Virgin Islands residents since the epidemic began. Because there is no cure for HIV at this time, treatment is a lifelong process. Thirty percent of the HIV positive population in the Virgin Islands received care during this period. The CDC reports that of the 1.

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Of the 1, cases reported from through19 percent of the Virgin Islands HIV population achieved viral suppression. This is an increase of 2 percent from the previous reporting period. Additionally, in the USVI, The HIV Surveillance data Ajds that 62 percent newly diagnosed were linked to care within three months of diagnosis; and 69 percent newly diagnosed were linked to care within 12 months of diagnosis National Goal — 85 percent person linked to care within three months. Additional ADAP monies awarded since through an Emergency Relief Program assisted in the implementation of preventive measures and cost-containment strategies to ensure the availability of HIV medications territory-wide.

These measures and strategies included: Virgin Islands were included in the analyses. No participants were interviewed and analysis was limited to de-identified data.

Therefore, informed consent was not obtained. The University Institutional J Board approved this study. Results Sample characteristics 2, people were surveyed in and 2, in Virign majority of the sample were high school graduates Majority were married Majority were Black and non-Hispanic Among year olds, Being a young adult significantly twice higher increased the odds of being at high risk for HIV. Data shows that the majority of HIV infections This displays a disproportionate amount of young adults that are at some risk for HIV; being in this age group significantly predicted high HIV risk twice as high as their counterpart.

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Other populations while not statistically significant that are mentioned in the USVI Department of Health HIV Prevention Plan as being at high risk are Blacks non-Hispanicsboth heterosexual males and females, individuals between the ages of The only Akds risk individuals mentioned were Hispanics [ 1521 ]. The United States Virgin Islands HIV Prevention Plan defined one of its categories of high us individuals as virgn those between the ages ofwith Current data analysis of this high risk category indicated that being between 25 and 44 years old significantly predicted high HIV risk and these individuals were 2.

The high prevalence of young adults reporting new HIV cases and the disproportionately high HIV risk found for young adults through statistical analysis indicates that new preventative plans and strategies are needed to specifically target this age group to reduce their high risk for HIV. Since the cases of HIV diagnosed in females has been consistently rising sinceit is important to provide genderspecific HIV prevention interventions and consider targeted couples testing and interventions. The United States Virgin Islands HIV Prevention Plan reported that heterosexual risk is the highest for females in the USVI; in giving women education on their sexual practices and on preventative measures, the plan hoped to decrease cases between and [ 22 ].

While the USVI population is not very racially or ethnically diverse, the primary racial and ethnic groups that make up the population Blacks and Hispanics are considered minorities in the United States and are those with the largest HIV burden [ 110 ].

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