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You can see that this one was made out of a really blouse, but you could not modify a chubby T-shirt in a turquoise fashion. Now your bag has a front and back texas and should still be in out.

You should have a little tube of fabric. Turn this inside out and sew y-shirt bottom of the bag t-sjirt. Now your bag has a front and back flap and should h-shirt be t-syirt out. Working with one flap only, fold both ends of the top in t-sihrt the middle about 1cm photo 8. Fold the top of Cuh flap down over these folds, almost meeting the bottom of the flap itself. Ironing these folds in place will make the next step much easier photo 9. Sew straight across about. Flip the pouch over and do the tt-shirt with the other flap. For the drawstring, cut two pieces of cord, yarn, string, whatever.

Using a bodkin, safety pin or chopstick, thread one piece of cord or whatever from one side of the pouch, through and back around through the other side, then tie the string. Do the same from the other side of the pouch and around, tying this string together as well photo You have made a drawstring bag. This tutorial from Instructables is really similar to that bag. For extra cuteness or whathaveyou, cut the hem from the sleeves of the shirt, resulting in strips, and tie them onto the straps of this bag. Patches Maybe the only salvageable thing about your shirt is its logo. There are two ways to accomplish this: Both of these techniques are explained in Save This Shirt or you could figure it out yourself by accessing your own ingenuity, creativity and willingness to fuck up or succeed!

Appliques Sorta like a patch but different. You do need to do some sewing for this one since you need to make the bows out of other fabric and attach them all along the back. Make a geometric design. If you want to create an orderly geometric design with your T-shirt cutout, it is surprisingly easy to do—what you need is simply to create a stencil which you can use. If you click through to the source link, you can view a brief tutorial. Remember, you can easily adapt this idea to suit your tastes; you can design a stencil with any pattern you want!

Cut out a tree of life shape. The tree of life t-sirt become something of a fashion trend, usually seen in wire wrap jewelry. But as it turns out, it also looks Cut t-shirt sexy awesome as a cutout on the t-shitr of a T-shirt. Make a butterfly twist tee. Here is sex different look which is both fun and flirty and elegant and sophisticated at the same Cut t-shirt sexy. Click the source link below to view a tutorial. You do need to sxy out your sewing machine to do this one. Create a cool high-contrast look by layering. With this tutorial there are actually two ideas I want to draw your attention to. The first is the very cool design created on the back of the shirt of course—and if you click through to the source link, you can see how it is done.

The second thing however t-sbirt just the way the two shirts have been layered to create a bold contrast. I also love the coordination with the bag and t-whirt jewelry. Make a cute crop top. This link teaches you how to make a quick and easy crop top out of a basic T-shirt. The end result is super flirty and cute! Add some extra straps to the back of a tank top. Most of these ideas and tutorials focus on removing bits of T-shirts in order to create a fun look for summer. Here is the opposite—a design which relies on adding something to an existing tank top. Jazz up the collar of a boring T-shirt. If you try to wear a choker or a necklace that sits close to the throat, the collar will get in the way, but with a longer necklace, the collar will still cause the necklace to sit oddly.

Make a ladder down the front of a T-shirt. This style is super trendy right now and you will see a lot of these shirts for sale—but this is something you could also make yourself! Just cut a v-shape down the front of a T-shirt and then add some fabric straps across the middle to create a ladder pattern. This is a simple but flattering design. Cropped T-shirt with cutout arms. This T-shirt modification requires sewing, but just check out how totally rocking the end result is! This would be well worth the effort! Embellish a tee with stitching. With this project, you do not need to do any cutting at all; you just do some stitching.

Make a beautiful cutout around the neckline of your shirt. This is a pretty easy pattern for making a pattern around the neckline of a shirt, not so different from the idea shared previously. As you can see, it can transform even the dullest T-shirt into something gorgeous. Make a Brandy Melville-inspired top. This video tutorial teaches you how you can make an adorable crop top inspired by Brandy Melville. There are so many ways you could personalize this look! Add pearls to the neck and sleeves of a T-shirt. This is a lot like the idea shared previously, except that it involves stitching pearls into the gaps you are cutting at the neck and sleeves of your T-shirt.

This is a great way to add some instant classiness to any tee! Want to modify a T-shirt without making it into a crop top or something else super skimpy that is only suitable for the blazing hot days of summer? Here is a no-sew pattern where you just cut part of the bottom out of a long shirt so that you can tie it around your waist. Incidentally, if you want it to be a crop top, it can—just cut higher. Cute a heart pattern into a T-shirt.

T-shirt sexy Cut

I love this tutorial for several reasons. First of all, the end result looks awesome. Secondly, this tutorial explains why it is easy to make cutout T-shirts. The other thing I appreciate about this tutorial is that it points out that you can wear a tee like this over top of a contrasting tank top. Make a cute cutout dress for summer. Have a longer T-shirt that you want to modify? Why not turn it into a fun summery dress?

This design is cute and flirty and also keeps you cool on hot days. Check out the video tutorial to find out how to make your own step-by-step. Convert a baggy T-shirt into a fitted tee without sewing. Okay, so this one is pure genius. Problem solved … mind blown! Turn your T-shirt into a cute halter top. This tutorial only has a few quick steps to it, and the result looks gorgeous! Make a cute, simple dress out of a long tee. This looks like a fun, fast, easy project to turn an oversized tee into something stunningly chic!

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This is a modification of a Batman logo T-shirt with the logo cut out and lace stitched in. You do not -tshirt need a T-shirt Cit already has a logo in it to do t-shirh though; you could just use a stencil to cut out the shape you want. Cut out the shape of a cross. Even though it looks like a lot of work, the video is actually a pretty quick watch, so this is easier to make than it appears to be. There is a downloadable template on the site which you can print out click the source linkas well as a couple of other printable templates you can use the same way for different designs.

Make a simple vented tee. Who says you need to do something complicated just to add some summery pizzazz to an old shirt? This shirt just has a simple slit added in the back.

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