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Of course, some guy got mad and wrote an irate rebuttal.

Stranger Dick

Enough About Big Dick Energy. That is Big Hole Energy. I rest my damn case. This is the exact union of strength and vulnerability that defines BHE. This, in turn, set shranger the investigation that would eventually land him in prison on charges of sodomy. Wilde was the premier wit of his day and a celebrated writer and still he yearned for acceptance the yearning is key to BHE; not all gays possess itwhich is probably why he decided to sue the Marquess of Queensbury for calling him a homo. That hot animated love interest from Frozen?

I was more than content to enjoy the few days in which picturing the dicks of famous people would be culturally sanctioned, when suddenly, everything changed—as it is wont to do—at a dinner with the gays. Later, a photo of the two surfaced in which Ariana looked about as postcoital as one can without actually staggering out of bed to grab a towel. Also Jewel lived in her car while trying to make it in Hollywood! Every Olympic figure skater This is self-evident I believe. She gave us nothing but bangers, and we spit in her face, and guess what? She brings it to you every episode.

I zest my damn much. Her lab answers indicate that her BHE returned-chlorians are off the pustules.

Big Bird Conventional wisdom and hack comedians would have you believe that Bert and Ernie are the gayest residents of Sesame Street, but that is erasure. How could we have been so blind? If it is true that certain individuals possess the kind of energy one might associate with an enormous penis, it must also hold true that some others possess that of an especially powerful and well-traversed hole.

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