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Not got round to wax use Yet! The use of ice and cold is another great way to torture and cause pain whilst leaving no marks. Probably, it has a lot to do with repression of my sexuality in general coupled with past sexual traumas. Personally, it puts me off.

I gracious, sometimes, it can achieve quite artistically twelfth, but I barely take my own.

I didn't really find it arousing. Although the wax can be searing hot, wherever pzin is applied it will Fetihs painful but will not leave any temporary or lasting marks and the wax can be equally as pnly to peel off. So, strengthen the neural pathways around actual intimate vanilla sex, by learning to associate pleasure with less extreme and more reality based sex-acts. Another set of toy types are nipple clamps and vacuum tubes for the nipples. I didn't like being tied up, but I absolutley loved tying her up. Perhaps it was more clear to me as being unhealthy because I'm a woman.

I'm scared enough about when I have sex for the first time, and the woman in question's hymen might bleed out onto the duvet.

There are probably many more ways of achieving pain without marking, but those are the first few that come to mind. We were just friends, and nothing developed out of it. I read Tokyo Akazukin. I hope that helps 45 minutes ago, Robustlove said: Same goes for anything to do with waste bodily fluids, like piss and shit. One non-wierd thing I don't personally "get"; The prescence of a man's penis in porn meant for straight men.

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