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I immediately recognized the handwriting when I saw my name scrawled across the card. I told her I was sorry and told her she had htumbs take the other one off but she was having none of it and again I reached out and gently tugged the bow. She directed me to the tiny bows tied on each side of her G-string. I reached up to the first bow and watched as I tried to gently pull the bow from her breast. My cock was hard and I kept my back mostly toward her door as I showered.

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I wanted to see more but was afraid of stepping inside the room. She slid the covers completely off of me and slid down to take my cock into her mouth. I was not sure now if she wanted me to see or if this had all been just a coincidence but I decided to push my luck a little. My heart skipped a beat and my hands got clammy as I slowly opened the card. They were soaking wet. I finally said I was going to bed and she told me to sleep well and that she was going to take a shower and go shopping for a while.

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