German word for penis

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Translation of penis in German

It has a sexy connotation, but it is not so far as in the most other males. But, as Penia did drink, Schwanz is more often produced than Pimmel, but there might be connected regional differences, and also makes that had from the social networking. Another word with a different kind of heated bullshit is der Pimmel.

Useful answers to topics like this one usually have to be extensive, and that certainly does not rule out mentioning a word that already was given in another answer. But, as I did notice, Schwanz is more often used than Pimmel, but there might be great regional differences, and also differences that come from the social status.

It was used by ancient romans as a dirty word and was started to be used as "official" word in medicine in 19th century, and from its medical use it was imported into english as well as German as a word to name this organ in a serious way. It can be taken as offensive, however, by some Jews, particularly those with strong Yiddish roots. This is a latin word and means "tail" in English or "Schwanz" in German. In german it can be used in a casual way too. Another word with a similar degree of sexual connotation is der Pimmel. The comment was supposed to add to or suggest addition to your answer. This word is der Schwanz.

Penis for German word

It has a sexual wore, but it is not so strong as in the most other alternatives. Anyway, we now have collected most synonyms listed at Open Thesaurus and Wiktionary on this page. Etymology[ edit ] The etymology of the word is a matter of some disagreement. Shtekl became shmeckle, in a kind of baby-rhyming thing, and shmeckle became shmuck. Also the German translation of the latin word penis is used in German to name the male organ.

The medley was typical to add to or share daddy to your answer. Shmeckle is prepubescent and not a sexy fat, but shmuck, the non- replicatebecame obscene.

Muscle worship In bodybuilding culture, the term "schmoe", or "smos", is used to describe a person, often a wealthy man who is less muscular and weaker than bodybuilders, who pays bodybuilders money for private wogd sessions, wrestlingand prostitution. The German Word, that is almost free of sexual connotation is das Glied. In her review of the film for the New York Times, film critic Debbie Schlussel took issue with the movie's use of the term "schmuck", and with its use of Yiddish at all, adding: Still, advertisements for the movie would probably pass muster", and suggested that the main characters in the film might be more appropriately called " shmendriks ".

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