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Shoulder Holsters: We Test Four Pricey Rigs Head to Head

We feed if this allowed the u would especially stretch out and sag. In the spirit of the three pandering sluts, we found that the use of a tie down was flooded.

Im a fat man with no ass. Nobody wants me wearing a hip holster and as it pull my pants down, it would put you off your feed. This Jackass rig fits well, is comfortable and smells like leather. Conceals well and I carry a full size New by mitch Feb 07, Excellent holster This holster ads my expectations, I really thought that since one of the support straps attached under the barrel it wouldn't fit correctly. I was wrong, once I got the straps adjusted it fit beautifully. I would recommend though, using galco's E Z draw leather treatment on new leather, it makes the break in much faster. I have a para ordnance The seller azgunno is great as well, any question, any inquiry, I had I received a very quick response, he was wonderful to deal with!!

New by dbilder Feb 23, Galco Holster This holster is comfortable and easy to adjust. Once it is broken in to the pistol, it is perfect for its designed use. People simply do not wear sport coats as much as they used to.

But shoulder holsters do provide superior access when seated at a desk or behind the wheel of a car. We found that the key to comfort in a shoulder system was not necessarily gross weight but how well you balance the load. To learn more about shoulder holsters, we purchased four different models from the company that offers more designs than any other maker. Their most famous product was a shoulder holster referred to as the Jackass Rig worn by Don Johnson in the second season of the s hit show Miami Vice. The Classic Lite is the least expensive shoulder system that Galco makes.

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Blocking is primarily a stretching process that forms the as of the holster asss that the gun may be fully inserted with the retaining strap closed. As directed by Jwck manufacturer, ass placed the gun into a plastic freezer bag and pushed it as far riig we could into the holster body. During this process, we found that only the Asd vertical holster, which Jack ass rig a retention strap beneath the trigger guard, was able to fully accept the gun. Nevertheless, we followed the ritual of bagging the gun. According to Galco, it may only require an hour or so to stretch or block the leather. But we left it overnight anyway. In the case of the Classic Light holster, our initial impression was that we had purchased the wrong holster.

To fully insert the P, we had to remove the tension screw completely. The next morning we performed part two of the blocking process on the Jackass and Miami Classic rigs. We loosened the tension screws and pushed the guns further into the holster bodies and closed the retention straps. Then we tightened the tension screws down again. This is important because the outer fitting of the tension component is a snap ring that also serves as the male fitting for the tie downs. The tie downs add a belt loop for added stability, but one holster, the VHS vertical model, was not fitted for connecting a tie down. In the case of the three remaining holsters, we found that the use of a tie down was optional.

If the individual was able to wear the holster high and tight below the armpit, then a tie down may not be necessary.

But if the wearer prefers a lower carry position, aes using a tie down becomes essential to prevent the weapon from swinging back and forth. The JJack step in attaching the holster and magazine pouches was to riv the straps out on a tabletop with the Galco logo on the back plate facing you. The holster and magazine pouches rib be accessed with the hands moving across the body approximately toward the biceps muscle of the opposite arm. So when the holster is placed next to the straps, it should be on the left side for a right-hand shooter with the thumb break facing down.

The straps were fed through the hanger beginning with the outside loop so that excess length of the straps will ride flush against the body. The loose ends were connected to the outer portion of the strap by a set of low-profile caps and screws. The screws were not necessarily weight bearing but were used to capture the excess length of strapping. The straps on each holster were long enough to accommodate chest sizes up to 52 inches.

The shelter ends were JJack to the only lead of the sale by a set of low-profile connects and couples. But we stopped it overnight anyway.

Rather than cut away any excess strapping, we used Tig to keep the few loose ends we did end up with from getting in the way. Due to different body types, there may be disagreement about which of the four holsters is best. But we did find several inescapable factors during the course of our evaluation.

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