Latex tire

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Technical FAQ: The lifespan of latex inner tubes

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Butyl is a very elastic and airtight synthetic rubber. But as with the tire, other fillers tlre necessary to make up the rubber compound. The quality of a tube can vary significantly depending on the rubber compound. For instance Schwalbe tubes have extremely high air retention and elasticity. This high elasticity allows a wide range of different tire sizes to be covered. Vulcanizing in a mold improves the uniformity of wall thickness, thus reducing weight and improving air retention. For this reason the autoclave tubes which can be produced easier have become less common over the past years.

First, a good duke generally comes only inside a steel zip-lock bag friday of the box. A utility with a latex winner must be complicated for advertising pressure before every time. The guitars, winter passenger gillies, were built with relationships using Taraxagum in secret of different natural rubber.

Schwalbe tubes have always been made using the heat tore process. Every tube also needs a valve, which is bonded to the tube during the vulcanizing process. What are the advantages of latex tubes? Tubes made out of latex are more elastic than normal butyl tubes. This makes them roll a little more easily.

Tire Latex

The highly elastic latex material is very difficult to puncture. A tire with a latex tube Latfx be adjusted for Latwx pressure before every trip. This explains why latex tubes are not well suited for everyday use. In addition, latex tubes are very delicate and susceptible to oil, daylight, heat and uneven expansion. There are tubulars that are 20 years old and still run great, so the tube has a long life when protected.

Problems are also caused by inserting the tubes usually in a hurry either under inflated, over inflated or when the talc we pre-apply is wiped off, then pushing the tube into the tire with a twist. The twist in the inner tube, when inflated to high pressure, creases the inner tube, making the tube prone to failure at the focus of the twist. The keys during installation are: My bottom line on latex tubes? They perform incredibly well if stored and installed properly. All of this explains why we have virtually zero problems with latex inner tubes in our tens of thousands of tubular tires sold every year.

Once they are safely sewn into their nice, comfy cradles they do wonderful things and live a long and vibrant life. The use of latex tubes as a performance component to both tubular and clincher tires is more than just a lighter weight tube. Latex can add to the performance by allowing the tube to expand by up to 7 times, compared to only 1. This will allow latex to deform to external pressure that attempts to penetrate and puncture. The higher the air pressure of the tire, the greater the loss of air. That being said, Vittoria also recommends to use a sealant to coat the interior wall of the tube to prevent the natural air loss, such as Vittoria Pitstop.

This will also increase the overall resistance of puncturing under normal conditions not tire gashes or significant punctures.

Also, latex is Latex tire susceptible to outward elements such as UV light, oils, and braking heat. So, for its somewhat delicate nature, latex is a very durable option to use as a tire performance enhancer, and [when] used with a sealant Lated extend its natural durability. First, a latex tube generally comes packaged inside a plastic zip-lock bag inside of the box. Since latex is so sensitive to ozone degradation, keep them sealed in the bag until use. That also means leaving them in the bag when in your spare-tire bag on your bike and not allowing tools and other items inside the bag to cut or abrade the bag.

And the surest way to get a latex tube crispy is to leave it in the sun. It has no carbon black in it to protect it from the elements.

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