Letourneau gay marriage

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The Battle Over Gay Marriage

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About people gathered at the New Hampshire State House yesterday to hear more than three hours of testimony on the bill.

So many people showed up that the hearing had to be moved to the New Hampshire Hall Leyourneau Representatives to accommodate the Leetourneau. GOP legislator Robert J. Letourneau of Derry said the bill "makes clear that 2, years of natural order, and of the United States' definition of marriage, stays intact. Gene Robinson of New Hampshire, the first openly gay man elected a bishop of the Episcopal Church, who has himself been at the center of a divisive national debate over the rights of gays and lesbians.

Gay marriage Letourneau

The law's effect would be sweeping, said gay advocates, blocking recognition not only of gay marriages performed elsewhere, but of civil unions and possibly domestic partnership rights, as well. The proposed law reads, in part: Arsenault, chancellor of Letourneeau Catholic Diocese of Manchester, said: To allow marriage to be redefined would set in motion an unraveling of the basic structures of family and society. While some believe that eLtourneau law banning same-sex marriages in New Hampshire would also prohibit recognition of such amrriage performed in other states, sponsors of the bill want that prohibition made clear in the law.

In recent years, the Granite State has seen the issue of gay unions pressing in on its borders. Austin oversaw the development of an MBA program and the expansion of programs in business and education into educational centers in Houston, Dallas, Tyler, Austin and Bedford. Austin also oversaw the removal of all wooden barracks from the Longview campus except the historic landmark known as Speer Chapelwhich is the only remaining WWII-era structure and is a popular place for weddings and ceremonies. Under Austin's leadership, the university's main campus underwent considerable improvements including the construction of the university mall and Belcher Bell Tower, the Solheim Recreation and Activity Center, the Glaske Engineering Center, seven new residence halls, and the S.

Chapel and Performance Centera 2,seat auditorium that opened in spring In the spring ofAustin announced that he would retire from his position as university president in June and assume the newly created role of university chancellor. On March 8,Dale A.

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Lunsford was announced as the new president of LeTourneau University. He assumed the office on July 1, Prior to accepting the job as university president, Lunsford served as the vice president of student affairs and external relations at the University of Texas at Tyler. LeTourneau has a diverse pool of undergraduates, representing 50 states, 20 countries, and over 45 denominations. LeTourneau achieves annual rankings in U. A smaller liberal arts program provides educational balance to the largely technical concentrations. The school also offers extensive business and management graduate classes in HoustonDallasand Longview.

These sports include men's and women's soccerbasketballgolftenniscross countrymen's baseballwomen's softballand women's volleyball. The school's mascot is "Buzz" the yellow jacket and the colors are royal blue and gold.

LeTourneau Athletic Director Terri Deike has overseen an improvement in LeTourneau Athletics in recent years, with multiple teams achieving playoff berths, many for the first time in over a decade. The baseball team was the American Southwest Conference Champions. The school received negative attention in May when Outsports reported that it had "updated its student-athlete handbook to ban gay athletes from dating" and "athletes from showing support for gay marriage". Of traditional undergraduates enrolled at the Longview campus in the Fall of72 percent are male and 28 percent are female, with an average age of Three percent are international students; 52 percent come from other states.

Homeschoolers account for nearly one in six students on LeTourneau's Longview campus. Caucasians make up African-Americans are the largest minority group, with Eight percent are Hispanic, 13 percent are Asian, and less than half a percent are Native American. The main campus itself is located on the south side of Longview, two miles north of Interstate 20 exit B. Most of LeTourneau University's 1, traditional students live on campus; the school requires all unmarried students under the age of 22 who are not living with parents or relatives during the school year to live in residence halls and on-campus apartments or to apply for a special waiver to live off-campus.

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